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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – November 9, 2021

The EU’s Italy, and now the anal retentive German government has just
had its hat handed to them over their Covid mandates and insistence on
vaccinations for everyone.  Will the narrative ever catch a break?  It
appears that the Germans who have suffered under severe masking and
social distancing measures unrelenting for nearly two years, are now
experiencing their highest level of positive Covid infections since the
Pandemic appeared.  What is this?  With over 80% of Germans wearing
masks and keeping their distance from their fellows, and a full
vaccination rate topping 67%, the citizens should be the best protected
in the entire EU, not so.

Seems that the pandering and virtue signaling sheep in “the vaccination
is the cure all for Covid, and masking, social distancing is essential
in daily life” have run into the science and numbers that beg to
differ.  Is that going to cause the German government to change course? 
A big NOOOPE!  The new message seems to favor the continuation of both
despite NO evidence that it is working and plenty of evidence that it IS
NOT WORKING.  Aside from the numbers found here in the United States
that masking and social distancing have absolutely no affect on whether
you contract the virus, similar numbers have appeared regarding
vaccination rates compared between States that have a high rate and
those that show a low rate with absolutely no correlation between the
two compared to virus incident numbers.

The United Kingdom, Israel, and Singapore, all have extremely high
vaccine rates as well as strict masking mandates, yet Sweden which early
on refused to force the same restrictions on its countrymen has recently
fared much better than Germany and the United Kingdom.  As this science
and the numbers mount, one would think that governments, the Media, and
the Medical Establishment would re-evaluate their stance on vaccination
and the various mandates.  While very few are saying that masking and
vaccination should not be allowed, everyone else should be given the
choice in the matter.  But, here in California and within the Federal
Government that is not the case.  Science and numbers are merely
troubling little details, not to be taken seriously.  Our empty headed
Governor, Gavin Newsom and his “first person” have seen fit to take time
away from the train wreck known as California to attend a lavish wedding
in San Francisco where troubling things like vaccinations, masking, and
distancing did not appear to be on many of the “guest’s” minds.  IV
drips available to those that over indulged at one of the many events
hosted by the bride and groom were substituted for any sense that the
privileged were not to be troubled with restriction everyone else must
adhere to. Rules for thee and not for me, and the other mass of socially
acceptable at the wedding.

What more clear evidence do those that are actually “awake” to the
machinations of over bearing and out of control governance can there
be.  Certain as time goes by more numbers and science will appear that
continue to damage the credibility of all the players involved.  Will
the medical establishment , the media, and governments ever be able to
assert that they are for the safety and benefit of their citizenry ever
again?  The doubts over credibility in our institutions have already
reached a new high, and likely will rise even further as the curtain
continues to be drawn back….

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