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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – May 20, 2022

Kevin Kiley

Some of the most radical COVID bills anywhere in the country face a vote next week. These will be major fights on the Assembly and Senate Floor.

Here’s where things stand with the “Vaccine Work Group” bill package:

  • We’ve killed the three worst bills: the student vaccine mandate, the employer vaccine mandate, and the bill to defund police for not enforcing mask mandates.
  • One bill, the dreadful measure removing parental consent, passed the Senate by a single vote. I’m confident we’ll kill it in the Assembly; in any case, a court has already deemed it unconstitutional.
  • The remaining four bills – testing, vaccine registry, social media censorship, and medical censorship – now face a vote of the full Senate or Assembly. I will be speaking against both Assembly bills.

To advance to the other house, each bill must pass by next Friday, May 27. Passage in the Senate requires 21 votes and in the Assembly 41 votes. See a list of the bills and their status here.

Meanwhile, Democrat legislators are tweeting “Suspend the #GasTax NOW.” These are the same people who repeatedly voted against my bill. Next week, we’re giving them a chance to make good on their tweets: another floor fight.

We’re now at $6.05 a gallon while the national average is “only” $4.56. In so many ways, California is a preview of what’s in store for America if we don’t change course: mandates, inflation, crime, an open border, sky-high taxes, a government that never stops growing.

Elon Musk just said he’s voting Republican for the first time this year. He won’t be the only one.

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