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By Act for America – April 30, 2024

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The University of Florida threatened student protestors with suspension and even banishment if they violated rules surrounding protest conduct, according to a letter sent to students.

As with other college campuses across the nation, the University of Florida has been the site of pro-Palestinian student protests.

Due to the conflicts between students and law enforcement at other colleges like Columbia University and the University of Southern California, the University of Florida released a set of rules of allowable and prohibited protesting actions.

While students are allowed to free speech and holding signs, the university has banned specific actions like using sound amplifiers like blowhorns, littering, building structures, or leaving unmanned signs.

The full list of prohibited activities and items is below:
No amplified sound
No demonstrations inside buildings
No littering
No sleeping
No unmanned signs
No blocking ingress/egress
No building of structures (chairs, stakes, benches, tables)
No camping, including tents, sleeping bags, pillows, etc.
No disruption
No threats
No violence
No weapons

Any other items and/or activities deemed to be non-compliant with policy and regulations by university officials.

The university said if a student violates the rules, they would face suspension and a three-year trespass. University employees who commit these violations will also be trespassed and fired.
“The University of Florida will always protect speech and uphold the law,” the statement reads. “Peaceful protests are constitutionally protected. Camping, putting up structures, disrupting academic activity, or threatening others on university property is strictly prohibited. The University has clearly communicated this to our students and explained that they can exercise their free speech rights but breaking the law will result in an immediate trespassing order from UFPD and an interim suspension from Student Life.”
When asked about the restrictions, a student protestor told WUFT the rules would not stop the demonstrations.

“My one message is we will not be intimidated,” the protestor said. “We know our rights, and we are simply protesting. We are exercising our First Amendment right. We have every right to be here, and we will be here as long as we can.”

Editor’s Note: Out of Cal Poly Humboldt as of April 29, 2024 one student writes- The protestors have taken over the bus stop so people are walking 20 minutes to the next closest one. All classes have been moved on line for the rest of the semester.

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