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By Iris Atzmon – February 10, 2016 – As expected the conference of fluoridation of the Ministry of Health is in purpose to return the compulsory fluoridation.
The new regulations to fluoridate were sent to the Knesset committee, only few days before the conference is going to take place (the day after tomorrow).
Today I asked the Knesset Committee to postpone the meeting to return the fluoridation on the basis of two reasons:
A) I received a notice from the Ministry of Justice that they will check my request to investigate the contradiction between the two laws – one that forces the substance into toxic waste sites and another that forces the same substance into drinking water as a cure.
B) All of this time while the fluoridation stopped, fluoride was present in the water according to reports of the national water supplier, that are present on the website of the Ministry of Health. In addition, water corporation of one city presented an analysis from 2015- showing up to 0.8 ppm fluoride in the period of time when there was no fluoridation, the same level that was measured by the same corporation in the same city in 2013, before fluoridation stopped.
I suggested to the Committee Chairman, to reconsider the necessity of the meeting since anyway fluoridation never stopped. What’s the point in meeting for returning the fluoridation then?
In addition it turned out that the level of fluoride that is written in the regulations that were signed to stop fluoridation were 1.4 ppm, that is above the level that is allowed in fluoridation (1 ppm).
I once asked the assistant of the Knesset member who initiated the bill to stop fluoridation, to find out how they can put this substance in the water when the State law says that it’s hazardous waste. So she went to the legal arm of the Ministry and asked them, and they replied that it’s forbidden UNLESS the Ministry of Health determined otherwise…So I figured that they did not really try to get to the depth of the matter,  and did not really understand what it’s about.
They just responded superficially. So still I had this question in mind.
Now it is the first time that the State will look into it. They will probably ask the Ministry of Health to respond.
I sent them the Ministry’s letter of agreement to fluoridate with toxic waste. I had this letter from an engineer who worked in the Ministry of Health who is now opposed to fluoridation. In this letter the Ministry wrote DIRECTLY to the industry that they approve this substance and asked not to deliver the letter to the media (!).

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