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By New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. (NYSCOF) New York – May 9 – The most recent federal data reveals that over half of US children consumed so much fluoride it permanently discolored their teeth, while cavity rates have increased, reports the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. (NYSCOF)

Fifty-seven percent of 6-19 year-olds have dental fluorosis, according to a 2016 Boston University dissertation by Behbehani, et al which was presented at the April 2017 National Oral Health Conference,  Behbehani also reported “[t]here was a significant increase in caries [cavity] experience.”

Fluoride is claimed to reduce tooth decay. But over-consumption while teeth are forming causes dental fluorosis – white spotted, yellow, brown and/or pitted teeth. Cavity risk actually increases with more advanced fluorosis.

Using the same data-set as Behbehani, Fluoride Action Network (FAN) researchers, reports “the 2011-2012 NHANES survey found dental fluorosis in 58.3% of the surveyed adolescents, including an astonishing 21.2% with moderate fluorosis, and 2% with severe.”

FAN reports the “data suggests that up to 24 million adolescents now have some form of dental fluorosis, with over 8 million adolescents having moderate fluorosis, and 840,000 having severe fluorosis.”

Covering fluorosis is a new money-maker for dentists.

Fluoridation’s 1945 inception promised that only 10% would suffer the mildest, without moderate or severe, fluorosis. Today, unknown amounts of fluoride are delivered to virtually every American via the water, food supply, dental products, air pollution and/or medicines.

Several studies link higher fluorosis levels to more tooth decay e.g. Caries Research 2/2013; Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology 2004; International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry 2001.

Low-income children, often the reason for mass-fluoridation, don’t benefit from fluoridation.

Attempts to reduce fluorosis rates have failed, including lowering infant formula fluoride levels, lowering supplement dose protocols, advising toddlers use pea-sized dabs of toothpaste without swallowing and avoiding the routine mixing of fluoridated water into infant formula.

In 2011, HHS further recommended lowering water fluoride levels to 0.7 mg/L to avoid fluorosis

“However, water concentration doesn’t equate to a child’s daily dose,” says Attorney Paul Beeber, NYSCOF President. “Politics, not science, supports fluoridation – which is delivering risks without benefits.  Fluoridation is a sacred cow connected to the political viability of organized dentistry and the legislators they influence. People need to contact their elected officials and demand fluoridation be stopped and de-funded.”

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