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In a vote of 524 to 402, Measure A passed!

Fluoride containing hydrofluosilicic acid will no longer be added to Crescent City water.  The moratorium should be put into place barring any unforeseen complications.

Acknowledgement goes to Jesse Salisbury for bringing the hazards of fluoride to the city councils attention so many years ago.  For the most part, he was ignored until he approached me.   Following Jesse, Katherine Kelly, 9 year resident of the city suffering from a thyroid disease, also approached me on the council.  Together we took on the seemingly daunting task of educating a public too long seeped in propaganda, lies and rhetoric.  Katherine Kelly bravely authored the first initiative in 2010 which was defeated by 137 votes.    She gave it another try this year and was successful in getting it to the ballot. Her grandson, Daniel Kelly, got involved in civic affairs as soon as he turned 18 and learned first hand how the initiative process works by collecting signatures for the initiative.

County residents: Connie Morrison, Janice Wilson, Eileen Cooper, and Jackie Simonsen led the charge by attending rally’s at the Del Norte County School Administration building and other sites.  Janice Wilson’s photo’s appeared in this publication.  Thanks to all the people who participated in attending the rally’s and wearing “Get the F out, Fluoride is a poison” t-shirts.  City residents Ralph Stuart and his kids attended the Joe Hamilton lunch.  Rob Tolman and his kids attended the County Rally. Correctional officers and their families and friends were participants and supporters.

Thanks also go to Dr. Paul Connett, Executive Director from the Fluoride Action Network who has unceasingly traveled around the world to bring the hazards of adding this toxic industrial waste product to the public’s attention and their respective governments.  His organization was always helpful and supportive in our fight.

Thanks to  to Aliss Terpstra, a fluoride poisoning survivor and part of a world-wide group tackling the issue city by city, country by country.  (See article dated November 6, 2012 in this publication titled  “Water Fluoridation Divisive in Communities for Decades.”)

Thanks go to Attorney James Robert Deal, out of Washington State who is continuing the battle for safe water in Everett, Washington.  He has to contend with a city council that walks out on their constituents during council meetings instead of listening.

It was not surprising that the Democratic Party supported opposition to Measure A since the Democrats pushed fluoride through the legislature initially.  It was very heartening to learn that the local Republican Party, First 5, Del Norte County School Board and the Board of Supervisors remained neutral this go around in contrast to their support two years ago.

Roger Gitlin, in his candidacy for Supervisor 1st District,  was the first candidate in a surprise announcement to endorse Measure A at the Triplicate candidates forum.  We send our good wishes and congratulations in his win for the seat. Dennis Sutton, in his candidacy for city council, also endorsed Measure A.

While my own bid for re-election to the city council failed, I felt that the time invested in Measure A was far more important since it affected the health of every man, woman, child, pets, plants and aquatic life in our area.

I hope that Kathryn Murray, Ron Gastineau and Rick Holley, the top 3 vote geters for city council,  will foster in a new attitude at the city council.  Instead of just rubber stamping staff recommendations, I would hope they stay open minded to their public and ask the hard questions. I can only hope.




2 thoughts on “FLUORIDE FREE AT LAST”
  1. Thanks a million Donna Westfall for trying to stop the councillors in the Australian city of Mackay from continuing the water fluoridation program; or rather, trying to stop the program restarting after rectification of mechanical and ‘fluoride’ dust problems. The dust was from the sodium silicofluoride (Na2SiF6) which is used in Mackay’s drinking water supply. The dust is so toxic that cardiac arrest is a distinct possibility for those inhaling sufficient of it and chronic inhalation can lead to perforation of the nasal septum – as can chronic inhalation of cocaine! Nice stuff! Donna, I only found out about your attempt, today, when reviewing information gained under the Right to Information Act (ex FOI Act). Council tried to disguise your identity but a bit of sleuthing based on the date that Crescent City residents voted against the measure led me to you but not to your email address, unfortunately. Thanks again. Your help was very much appreciated.

  2. I have no words for the relief I feel over our victory. It’s not just about winning, it’s about saving the health of our comunity over which I feel most relieved. Even for those people who stubbornly cling to the fraud of fluoridation, I am happy they will no longer be subjected to toxic waste in their water. Now the new mommoies won’t hve to ignorantly subject their babies to fluorosis, those of us long term water drinkers won’t have the specter of osteoporosis in our future, and people with weakened immune systems or like me with thyroid disease or kidney disease, we don’t have to be so careful anymore. I can shower everyday if I want and not have to stand out of the water except for rinsing. It may not sound like much, but live your life like that for a month and you’ll better understand. Now I don’t have to lug those heavy water jugs home. Our garden is now fluoride free as well. I can filter out the clorine with a simple charchol filter! Wow.

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