Mon. Jul 15th, 2024


Excerpts from Jodi Weigand’s article:

Brackenridge takes steps to eliminate fluoride use

Brackenridge Borough wants to join the growing list of water suppliers that don’t fluoridate their water.

After months of discussion, Brackenridge Council has taken steps to discontinue fluoride’s use.

Councilman Timothy Kolar recommended the move, saying it would save the borough about $4,000 per year and would make the plant safer by eliminating a chemical.

“Nowadays, toothpaste and baby formula all have fluoride,” he said. “Also, it’s dangerous to work with. So it’s also a safety factor.”

Ford City officials voted in December to end fluoridation when their new water plant goes online this year.
In the Alle-Kiski Valley, the number of water authorities that do and do not fluoridate is almost evenly split, with 12 fluoridating and 11 not. That tally will swing in favor of not fluoridating when Brackenridge and Ford City end the practice.
It could eat through leather work boots and it “disintegrated within a year” the metal cabinets located in the area where the additive is stored, he said.

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