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Dr. Geoff Pain, PhD, Analytical Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Biochemistry Doctor of Philosophy, Australia – February 1, 2017 – Excerpts:

Fluoride causes excess suffering and death by initiating and exacerbating kidney disease, which in turn causes a cascade of secondary, often fatal, diseases. This review demonstrates that proponents of water Fluoridation have attempted to suppress evidence of harm to the population at large and especially vulnerable groups with impaired renal function.

There is no “safe” dose of fluoride and most certainly no “optimal” concentration for disposal of this industrial waste through public drinking water supplies.

It is criminal negligence to pretend that dental fluorosis is not an indicator of systemic poisoning by fluoride. There is such a huge resource of science in humans, that reference to animal studies is almost unnecessary. Therefore health officials have a moral duty to go looking for the influence of fluoride on calcification, destruction and carcinogenesis of the bones and soft tissues.

The damage to the kidneys is sufficient reason to immediately cease fluoridation and force the waste producers to immobilize the toxin. But will politicians act to ban this unethical [Awofeso 2012] practice and will bureaucrats confess to their sins?

Because citizens can no longer trust their governments or public servants, they use social media to inform on another of the threat of fluoride to various organs, in this case the kidneys.

Consumers are able to read analytical data, obtained under Freedom of Information law, that shows fluoridation industrial waste, made in Australia or imported from New Zealand or China, carries a host of inorganic sensitizers and carcinogens, many of which further contribute to kidney disease.

For the entire report read the full text at this link:

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