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New York – February 6, 2019 —  CDC reports that toddlers’ fluoride overuse from toothpaste can discolor their forming secondary teeth. Dental fluorosis – white-spotted or yellow-stained teeth – now afflicts 61% of teens, federal statistics show. Toothpaste is just one of many tooth-damaging fluoride sources which children are exposed to, reports the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. (NYSCOF)
Attorney Paul Beeber, NYSCOF President says, “Dental fluorosis, the outward sign of fluoride toxicity, also reveals that government agencies are derelict in their duty to protect children from fluoride’s harmful effects. Are they blaming the victims instead?”
Too much fluoride damages bones and children’s developing teeth, according to the EPA.
Water fluoridation gave rise to many profitable and over-prescribed fluoride products, e.g. fluoride supplements, which are also linked to fluorosis Even when not swallowed, topical fluoride absorbs into the bloodstream as does highly concentrated fluoride varnish newly FDA accepted to apply to babies’ emerging teeth.
Virtually all foods and beverages contain fluoride when made in water fluoridated areas. Some are naturally high in fluoride, e.g, tea, ocean fish, non-organic grape products. Infant formula mixed with fluoridated water can increases dental fluorosis risk, says CDC
Researchers in the British Dental Journal  urge that labels include fluoride content because of growing fluorosis concerns.
Parents who are given the impossible task of limiting children’s daily fluoride intake aren’t helped by the candy-flavored toothpastes enticing kids to eat toothpaste despite the poison warning on the tubes. Many kids’ tasty toothpastes have the American Dental Associations seal of acceptance.
Fluoride toothpaste poison warning: “Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.” Poison control reports, “Kids find the flavors and sweetness of toothpaste irresistible.” 
Dentist Griffin Cole says fluoride is not essential and because of the skyrocketing fluorosis rates, “It has become a necessity to reduce and work toward eliminating avoidable sources of fluoride exposure, including dental products,” he says
Beeber says “Fluoride in all forms should be dispensed by prescription.  Adding artificial fluoride chemicals into the population willy nilly via the water supply – fluoridation – must be banned.”
Fluoridation proponents “sell” legislators on fluoridation as benefitting the poor. But CDC’s report shows the lowest incomed children use more toothpaste and brush more times daily than their non-poor counterparts.
Contact:  Paul Beeber, JD  nyscof@aol.com  
SOURCE:  New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc.
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