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By Angry Old American

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I do not trust or respect normal people. What an odd statement to make! Why would I start an article by declaring my disdain for normalcy?

The word “Normal” is derived from the statistical term “Norm.” Normal simply means sharing characteristics most common within a group.

Normal behavior is not a natural outcome of sane or rational thinking. Normal, in many cases is not a healthy attribute. The herd behavioral drive of conformity and obedience often leads to mindless acts of barbarity.  Normal people became Bolsheviks, Nazis, Maoists and Khmer Rouge, participating in the most heinous of genocidal crimes.

Consensus of opinion is considered the rule in a normal society. Many people, lacking the skills of reason and a scientific discipline of logic will simply follow the norm as presented by social influencers around them. For more than a century, propaganda has relied upon gaining control of these social influencers.

Certainly, if consensus of opinion were the rule, then President Trump is the devil. The message is clearly conveyed through television, radio, print, internet, and from many of the people whom we interact. This message has become so strictly controlled, that any deviation is censored. The weak of will and slack of intellect will lean toward blind conformity to the norm and assured acceptance by the group.

However, there are those of us who ask the vital question “Where does the consensus come from?”

Television, radio and print publications don’t broadcast a message without being paid. It takes money, huge amounts of money, to dominate the consensus of opinion. So, let’s follow the money.

January 17th through the 20th of 2017, during the World Economic Forum at the Swiss luxury resort of Davos, representatives of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), all major international banks and financial regulators, world political leaders, and hundreds of the world’s wealthiest multi-billionaires (average net worth of over $80 billion) met to chart our Planetary future. A clear majority of these ‘gods of the universe’ determined that free societies, promoting and protecting individual liberty, simply could not provide an ample profit margin to attract capital investment any longer. The International Monetary Fund’s Christine Legarde projected in July of 2017 that the IMF could be based in Beijing in ten years if growth trends in China continued.

China, with government controlled industry, starvation wages, concentration camps, slave labor, ethnic cleansing, forced organ harvesting, and 5G Orwellian smart-phone financial transactions, public surveillance and their “Social Credit Score” was to be the new model for world production. It was a shift that was good for business. The keys to the kingdom were passed to International Communism by what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) now call “Red Capitalists.” Money would flow into the “Belt and Road Initiative.”

Few have stopped to wonder why the wealthiest powers in the United States and the Western World have embraced Communism. Is it logical that the most powerful bankers and multi-billionaires would embrace a system that is “anti-capitalist?” Nobody questions such absurdity. Somehow, it makes perfect sense that such people would remain heavily invested in China as President Trump works to repatriate American Industry.

It is only natural that the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world would control over 90% of mainsteam media, Hollywood production companies, print media, music groups, sports teams and celebrities. That they would have a stranglehold over social media and internet search engines, and even push targeted propaganda with weaponized Shadownet algorithms is comforting to know. They censure conservative content as “Hate Speech” and “Racism” out of the goodness of their hearts. They love people that much!

These financial gods have pulled the strings of academic institutions and teacher’s unions for decades. They have controlled pharmaceutical industries, and medical insurance groups. These powers even control our Intelligence apparatus and Pentagon officials through their allegiance to the military industrial complex. Their political contributions chart the course of the entire Democrat Party and much of the Republican Party to promote China-centric ideologies and policy.

During the entire Administration of President Trump, the top priority of the Democrat run Congress and mainstream media was his removal. The failed coup known as Russiagate left many high ranking insiders in a dangerous position. Not only were the details of their fabricated story coming to light, but names were being named in the Jeffrey Epstein Pedophile Island scandal.

Then, like a miracle from afar, a pandemic flu arrived from China. An Epoch Times investigative report on the Coronavirus Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus  showed tangible evidence that we are experiencing a genetically-engineered biological weapon released by the Chinese Communist Party upon the Western World. Is it a coincidence that this bio-weapon was released after fabricated attempts of Democrats in Congress to impeach President Trump failed?

Why is it so important for the financial elites and the Democrat Party to remove President Trump from office? Could there be more than a financial incentive?

I will explore these questions in my next article.


Angry Old American

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