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Opinion By Samuel Strait – January 22, 2024

After fifty plus years of being harped at by Climate “karens”, most
thinking people have moved on from the fear that fossil fuels will be
the end of us all.  Unfortunately, the screed has taken such an
unbreakable grip on many around the world that nothing will penetrate
the religion that “Climate Change” has become. Recently, after years of
being the undisputed “theory” of some climate scientists and others as
well, are the cracks beginning to show in Climate Changes “consensus”? 
Have people finally become immune to the constant whine of the
“believers” to actually think for themselves?  Have fifty years of
climate’s future catastrophe without any apparent signs of such imminent
crisis finally worn out its welcome?  Certainly it would appear to be
the case with the recent rash of desperate actions by climate
hysterics.  Gluing ones self to roads, vandalizing works of art, and
blocking traffic seem acts of desperation in an effort to keep the issue

One would think that the notion that 14 deadlines in the last
twenty years would sink most theories that claim scientific consensus,
but not “Climate Change”.  After years of alternative explanations for
climate variations that indicate perhaps human caused  climate change
might just be a bit of a stretch, will the skeptics be given their day
in the sun.  Maybe not quite yet, but “Climate Change” is clearly on its
way out, and hopefully all the “green initiatives” as well.  Electric
vehicles, wind farms, and solar panels might just have to wait for their
future to become useful.

In the mean time EV’s have regularly made the news as more find their
way to roads and highways.  Unfortunately it is not good news.  As more
EV’s become part of the landscape, problems immediately began to
surface.  Clearly they are not ready for prime time as the list
continues to lengthen.  Battery problems, range problems, cold weather
problems, high maintenance costs, lack of reliable charging stations,
even with subsidies high cost per vehicle, government interference in
the market place, wait time for charging, and the list goes on.  All
this has become such a problem that manufacturers are unable to sell
these vehicles in any where near the number to effect a complete change
over. Trucks, popular SUV’s, and long haul trucking are yet another
problem to sort.

On the power production front, wind farms and solar panel farms have
their own difficulties.  Off shore wind power has run into a brick
wall.  Even those farms located on dry land have proven to be high
maintenance, and unreliable.  When coupling wind power to the off shore
waters, the problems escalate to the point where even in the friendly
waters of the Atlantic where development costs are significantly less
than those on the Pacific Coast, developers have recently said, “No
Thanks”.  Citing supply chain issues, maintenance costs, long
transmission lines, objections by shore dwellers, and initial
development costs have sent leaseholders scurrying away.  The story with
solar panel farms are much the same, making it near impossible to stitch
together a reliable source of electricity for a fraction of the over all
requirements for the Country.  Perhaps it is not such a catastrophe if
Climate Change were to go the way of discarded and disproven theories?

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