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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – March 15, 2022

Frank Magarino has successfully submitted his paperwork and required signatures for his candidacy for Del Norte District 3 Supervisor, Smith River, North Bank, Hiouchi and Gasquet.

The twice-elected incumbent Del Norte Unified School Board Trustee, Magarino will face Chris Howard and Hank Akin on June 7.

Candidate Magarino has an interesting past: Born in Cuba, Magarino’s family saw “the writing on the wall” and the family made the “sacrifice for the children,” and fled from Castro’s Communist Cuba decades back. Magarino has lived in Del Norte County since1996. Magarino operates a Courier business across the North State.

Bullet points:

* Magarino expresses his concern the County has become stagnant, relying on expensive consultants for appropriate direction. Candidate Magarino gathers data, talks with voters and hopes to”…make the right decision.” Magarino operates on the mindset of ” Common Sense.”

Having served as the District 3 County Planning Commission and his service on The Grand Jury, he feels he has experience and knowledge to help bring Del Norte County out of its stagnant status.

* He vigorously supports Term limits and was disappointed the Board exempted individual Supervisors from the three term limit. Magarino identifies the current incumbent as self-serving in exempting himself from the voter mandate for term limits.

* Candidate Magarino identifies the FOUR prongs of those who identify as homeless;

1) those who’ve fallen through cracks of life (extremely small %)

2) Drug and alcohol addiction

3) Life Style

4) Mentally Ill.

Magarino is not Politically Correct. He believes more law enforcement is necessary to address the criminal element of those who purport to be homeless.

* Housing: Magarino states the lack of housing prevents Certificated Staff and Classified Staff to fill vacancies from relocating to Del Norte County. He also states Sutter Coast Hospital is challenged to fill medical vacancies due to lack of housing. Asked why this housing shortage exists, he attributes this to an explosion of short-term vacation rentals AND he candidly identifies himself as an owner of a VRBO.” It’s time to have a discussion about a moratorium on VRBO housing.

* Magarino voted NO on Measure R and unless he observes where the tax revenue is going, he would support a repeal of the sales tax.

Editor’s note correction:**** Magarino voted YES on Measure R and believes the County needs the increase in taxes to the General Fund and hopes the increase will be directed to law enforcement. (Editor’s note, the 1% increase translates to a 14% increase in County revenue.

*Magarino places a high priority on good health care and opposed Sutter Coast Hospital’s unsuccessful quest for Critical Access Status.

*Candidate Magarino enthusiastically supports County blight clean up and opposes Recreational Marijuana usage.

Candidate Frank Magarino promises to be accessible and to be a good listener…” I will always follow good, Common Sense, ” states Magarino.

2 thoughts on “Frank Magarino Running for Supervisor for District 3”
  1. It’s amazing how short people’s memories are. This Frank guy is quite obtuse. He has no backbone and is just not very bright. BEFORE Covid hit, he was M.I.A at Smith River School. How many terms has he served? 2? So 8 years of School Board. And he NEVER made appearances at SR School in the 7 years we were there, for tournaments, assemblies, performances or even summit meetings. Teachers even complained about his absence as their District board member. Now let’s fast forward to the tyrannical mess from Covid. He went along to get along with all of Newsom’s illegal mandates violating teachers, parents and students Constitutional Rights and Civil Rights. He had 2 years to stand up to Newsom and defend his constituents. But he didn’t. Because he is WEAK.

    Magarino is ill-equipped to even be a subtle thought of a possibility in this league of politics. He is not a Patriot. We need a Constitutional Conservative that isn’t swayed by Sacramento scare tactics. He also has recently been revealed to be a part of the fraudulent PPP list. His code of ethics is questionable. Curious what company he runs that has 230 employees. He’s simply running for Supervisor for the power, fame and self-gain. We don’t need anymore self-promoting rubber stampers. We need warriors to fight for our community and defend constituents Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties.

    I’ve had first hand experience dealing with his ‘Pollyanna’ mindset. Back in November I had to listen to his ignorant Twilight Zone display he demonstrated at one of our DNUSD COC meetings. I call it a Twilight Zone episode, because his comments had NOTHING to do with the issues at hand. It was so painful to listen to his complete disconnect to what was happening right before his eyes. The COC and DNUSD is basically drowning in nontransparent, Illegalities and non-compliance…and Magarino was describing the water! This guy proved right then and there, that he is a total rubber stamper and doesn’t have a CLUE as to what is involved within the COC, the complexity involved in scrutinizing the District’s spending of the $25M Measure A School Bond or how GO Bond Accountability works. He had 8 years of School Board experience to more than prove to this community, what he doesn’t know or what he isn’t willing to do when facing the fire. Why would anyone trust him with more power and control?

    Do not give this puppet the time of day. He is dangerously ignorant and is a follower. He said it himself at the end of the article. We don’t need followers. We need LEADERS.
    A Veteran and Constitutional Conservative

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