Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

By Attorney James Robert Deal

James Robert DealThe National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certifies fluoridation materials to be safe. Based on this certification some states and some water districts require that fluoridation materials be added to drinking water.

NSF Rule 60 states that some 20 toxicological tests of fluoridation materials must be done. NSF has admitted that the tests are not done.

Because states and water districts make the decision to require fluoridation based on NSF’s certification, and because said certification is false and fraudulent, and because NSF is usurping the role of the FDA in certifying the fluoride drug to be safe, the FDA should order NSF to cease in its certification of fluoridation materials to be safe.

And NSF and the suppliers of fluoridation materials are committing a consumer protection act violation.

Death by Fluoride

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