Sat. May 25th, 2024
If Triplicate reporter Adam Spencer had it right in his article of 3/9/13 titled Free Speech Reigns At Post Office AS Protestors
Spark Complaints, then it appears that one of those sparks was one Kathryn Murray who saw fit to attempt to   take a legal protest   to ground.While it is understandable that seeing a picture of  your prized icon of national leadership sporting a Charlie Chaplin mustache might be galling it hardly justifies the extreme of denying a US  citizen  his right to free speech as well as tampering with his private property.This action by  A seated  City Council member, being without justification,should be deemed as actionable by the entire city council. At the very least it is worthy of censure by the Council.If this hitsTwitter pages and You Tube   it will reflect very poorly on the esteem of the Crescent City Council. Council members  do your job!
Dale L.Bohling
Crescent City, Ca.

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