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Jake M. Dionne of Crescent City was sentenced by the Honorable Philip M. Schafer today to serve six years in state prison for the August 30th unprovoked pistol-whipping of a homeless man. The Del Norte County District Attorney’s Office entered into a plea agreement with Dionne whereby he agreed to plead guilty to Assault with a Semi-Automatic Weapon with an agreement that he would receive the middle term of six years in state prison for the attack. “The victim in this case has recovered physically but not emotionally from the beating,” Del Norte County District Attorney Dale P. Trigg said. “The victim is very pleased that we were able to achieve this result. Dionne deserved state prison for what he did and that’s what he got. Our community will be safe from him while he is in state prison.” Dionne remains in the Del Norte County jail pending his transfer to state prison.

Dionne had previously attempted to withdraw his guilty plea by claiming that he was really innocent and had pleaded guilty because he was scared. Trigg argued against allowing Dionne to withdraw his plea, calling it a “classic case of buyer’s remorse and nothing more.” The Honorable Chris Doehle agreed with Trigg last week and denied the request ruling that Dionne had “not come close” to meeting his burden of proof to show good cause to withdraw his guilty plea.

2 thoughts on “From the Office of District Attorney, Dale Trigg”
  1. I believe the only reason the judge agreed with the da is because mr. Mc elfresh is jakes lawyer and he beat her for judge.

    1. That is an unfair criticism of Judge Doehle. She agreed with me because my position was overwhelming supported in the law. She gave Dionne and his attorney a chance to offer their evidence and legal argument and reviewed and considered my argument. She made the correct legal decision and it had nothing to do with the outcome of the election.

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