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By Linda Sutter

On January 11, 2015 a 24 year old woman was walking home after a late night of partying with her friends on C Street, when she was approached by two Asian men. According to Jane Doe, the men asked her to a party. She allegedly declined, at which time the two Asian men drug her to a nearby apartment, where a 3rd underage boy lived. Jane Doe stated that all three men repeatedly raped her for approximately 6 to 7 hours.

During today’s preliminary hearing Eric Berg, of Berg and Associates, Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, out of Redding California, represented a 16 year old defendant. The Court room was filled. Eric Berg brought to the attention of the court the following facts: The alleged victim never screamed for help while the defendants were allegedly dragging her down the street in the early morning hours between 1 and 0130 hours. The victim who was interviewed by several

peace officers demonstrated inconsistencies in what she was saying. One, she claimed to have torn a nail when attempting to defend herself and that she scratched one of the defendants.

However, Melanie Berry who is a district attorney field investigator stated, she did not check Jane Doe’s arms, hands, or fingernails to see if there was any DNA beneath the finger nails or any bruising to the arms, especially since the alleged defendants used force to hold victim down

while they allegedly raped her. Forensics 101 overlooked.

Jane Doe told a couple of different stories to the police. One story was that she was dragged down the street, the other story was that she was held at knife point.

Another fact brought out about Jane Doe. She is married. There were a total of 4 separate DNA  samples. Three identified DNA samples and one unidentified. Did Jane Doe also have sex with her husband? No questioning or mentioning of the 4th unidentified DNA.

The condoms were taken out of the trash can at the young defendant’s home, packaged, and submitted by the same law enforcement individual for preservation. They were then sent into the DOJ labs for DNA testing which verified 3 plus 1.

The court concluded that the District Attorney’s office presented their burden of proof for trial.

10 thoughts on “Gang Rape in Crescent City?”
  1. Rape on a female causes spinal injuries because the victims body is forced violently to move without pelvic movement disconnecting the spine from tailbone
    its a man using his genitals to disembowel a female rocking violently her spine
    forcing that can disconnect the neck from the skull, the tailbone from its spine base its like raping an infant
    the body isn’t made to be forced to move the spine up and down. It’s required to use your hips but in rape cases of females hips are not moved
    no one talks about this in rape cases

  2. Marisa- I do not know you, but you are an inspiration! You are standing up for yourself after a horrific crime and not allowing victim shaming. You should be a poster child for Rape Crisis!

  3. I don’t think anybody should be able to make false staments or even say anything period I my self am a victim of rape I would never and have never lied about anything like that never would and neither would my sister so if you have anything to say about my sister Send you comments to and we will talk.

    1. um, well thanks for the information we did not know who Jane Doe was because District Attorney Trigg was protecting your name from the public and that is why your sister’s real name was not published. And in the court during preliminary hearing you were presented as jane doe.

      I will be in the court room during trial covering the complete story as it unfolds. preliminaries give you a part of the story and the judge makes a decision based upon what evidence the prosecutors present…whether to try the case. Just because the case is going to trial does not mean guilt on the defendant, because there are parts missing. the parts that were missing will be revealed during jury trial…in the meantime, this is America you are innocent until proven GUILTY… good luck with your case.

  4. Jane Doe ,,,,Linda most of the fact that are written are not true I’m not married I did have a roommate… There are more facts than you know that well come out in trial. Have a nice day.

  5. You “may” have mis-interpreted? You proved my point. It is irresponsible to report something as fact is you are uncertain as to it’s accuracy. Again, you are still victim shaming, going as far as to insinuate she not only asked for it, but also may be guilty of a crime. Simply disgusting.

    1. in a perfect world newspaper articles are all true because they are newspaper articles right?? and no journalist have ever made mistakes and certainly never ever admitted to those mistakes if indeed there are mistakes….but yet, they still write good, bad, or indifferent…it is the nature of the beast…as far as you stating that I implied she asked for it…

      nobody asks for rape…Rape is demonstration of anger…not pleasure or sexual gratification….

      if the victim was raped, it will come out in court, but take heed there are questions that arose from the preliminary hearing, which will be answered in court.

      choose to be a survivor not a victim

      1. its violent as murder taking a knife ramming up a females genitals that is what rape is or for a man its the same as shoving a knife up the hole at tip of his urine track over and over destroying females productive system organs
        barbaric and should be charged as murder the problem is too many men have control on law making and the women in scotus have never been raped so the nerves on their organs have never been damaged or ripped up by an object in rape case a male
        organ and females do not have complete sex organs until 25 yrs of age
        they are not developed so the judges who judge the cases are too many men in control and rapists should get the death penalty bc the mind of the woman is also ruined so the brain is also destroyed by rape hence suicide and the just walk away after jail time as if no harm was done thats why these men keep doing this the punishment isnt prosecuted in a way to prevent rape and gang rape they should be castrated see how it feels to have their genitals torn apart nerves ability to urinate

  6. This is victim shaming at it’s finest. Not only are the facts misstated by your incompetent reporting, but you also place innuendos that this victim is either lying or culpable for her violent rape and attack.

    You should be required to spend time with local rape crisis agencies to learn how you are perpetuating the idea that women deserve and encourage rape!

    You are disgusting.

    1. Dear shame on you
      ….you automatically believe because a woman cries rape that it has occurred…these are allegations made…unless you were there to listen to the entire 5 hour preliminary hearing; you have no idea what transpired…my reporting was very competent…. and I quote from District Attorney Investigator, Melanie Barry,….”DNA AND JANE DOE MATCHED ALL 3 PARTIAL PROFILES FOR A 4TH CONTRIBUTOR.” Now I may have interpreted that incorrectly as meaning there was a 4th person, I am not sure, and if that is the case, it was not an intentional act but misunderstanding on my part…

      Secondly, I am not saying Jane Doe made up her rape, but there are some suspicious inconsistencies which will be brought out in court by a good defense attorney…if this was as brutal as the prosecutor states, there are a lot of inconsistent physical evidence’s missing…taking the fact that Jane Doe was married/living with someone,…and one of the perp’s was an underage boy, wouldn’t it behoove her to cry rape, instead of facing charges herself for having sex with an underage boy? And, where was her husband at the time all of this occurred?

      Let me tell you, 4/5 rapes occur by someone victim knows. Sexual Assault is caused by lust or uncontrollable sexual urges and the need for sexual gratification is a myth.
      Fact: Sexual Assault is an act of physical violence and domination that is not motivated by sexual gratification.

      51% of female victims were sexually assaulted by a current or former intimate partner, and 41% were sexually assaulted by an acquaintance. Assault by strangers, in contrast, accounts for only 14% of the total. Of men and boys, 52% report being sexually assaulted by an acquaintance and 15% by a stranger.

      As far as you feel I should be REQUIRED to spend time at the rape crisis agency, thank God I live in AMERICA, and public floggings are not the rule for freedom of speech.

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