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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – March 7, 2022

Retired Crescent City Police Lieutenant Garrett Scott has filed papers for Del Norte County Sheriff.

Locally born, raised and educated in Del Norte schools, Garrett Scott was a Del Norte Law Enforcement Cadet Program graduate and Criminal Justice major at Cal Poly Humboldt. Lt. Scott served eight years as a Ft. Dick Fire Department volunteer.

Scott was an 18 year CCPD veteran who was injured in the line of duty some years back. Too modest to acknowledge his actions in subduing a dangerous criminal suspect when he was seriously injured, I will acknowledge it. That’s what I call a hero. Lt. Scott has recovered completely. When I asked him if he is ready and able to serve, his emphatic one word response was… ABSOLUTELY!

Scott is campaigning on the banner of “Sheriff for the People.

Candidate Scott observes gaps in Deputy training protocol. “In small counties like Del Norte, every deputy, every officer can make a difference which can dramatically improve the lives of the public.”

Candidate Scott expressed his concerns over budget deficiencies.

When asked if he thinks law enforcement is under siege, Lt. Scott responded, “…Law enforcement is dangerous and often unforgivng and operating with limited tools in the box. Yes, I believe law enforcement is under siege. “Candidate Scott, do you have the Public’s back?” ” As a high level CCPD Officer, I always had the Public’s back. I will be the Sheriff for ALL the people.

Core issues:

* Expand School Resource presence within all 11 DNUSD schools

* Grant funding MUST be explored and exploited so our officers are better trained and any and all resources are directed to Del Norte County.

The election for Del Norte County Sheriff is Tuesday, June 7.

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