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By Carl DeMaio – September 16, 2021 from his Facebook posting

Here’s what you won’t hear from the liberal media’s narratives – and why we can celebrate several points of hope and progress in the Recall fight:


Keep an eye on the numbers in the coming days. Sure, Newsom will “survive” this Recall but this race is going to tighten! Since last night’s initial numbers, only 900,000 votes were added to the totals but we closed the overall margin by 3%! The results will tighten up considerably as there are roughly 3-4 million votes still left uncounted –- and we know most of them will break heavily for us.In 2018 Gavin Newsom won the Governorship by 62-38%. Mark my words: when all the votes are counted, we believe the Recall will show Newsom has LOST a chunk of that margin!


The Sacramento Swamp thinks they own this state without any check or balance. Paid political consultants, big money media, and party insiders dismissed our movement from the get-go. Just by collecting the 2.1 million signatures and triggering the Recall, we forced the Sacramento Swamp to meet us on the battlefield and spend over $100 million to defeat us.

Going forward, we have proven we can serve as a check on corrupt politicians and force issues onto the ballot –- like School Choice, Election Integrity, etc.


It’s no secret that the CA Republican Party infrastructure has been in shambles for more than a decade -– but we succeeded in putting together a brand new grassroots structure to do the work they’ve not shown the willingness to do statewide.

On a shoestring budget we organized a statewide Get Out The Vote effort that attracted over 100,000 volunteers and supporters. While many of the party insiders and elected officials gave lip service to the fight, our grassroots supporters like you WENT THE DISTANCE!

Going forward, we have an entire army and infrastructure ready to fight in 2022 to flip seats!

We’re still waiting to see all the Recall votes counted before we do a full dive into the data. I’ll be giving you updates and a complete data-driven report soon.

But don’t buy into the liberal media’s defeatist narrative! There’s a lot to be proud of — and one of the thing that I am so proud of is YOU for all you have done to support this fight!

2 thoughts on “Gavin Newsom should NOT be celebrating – and let me tell you why.”
  1. Great Article about Newsom and the Recall …. All the VOTES were not counted and they couldn’t wait to Call the ELECTION… so we will see fairly soon what the outcome is … if they deem that he actually did win then us REPUBLICANS have a JOB to do in this NEXT YEAR! I was very proud of the group of REPUBLICANS that showed up last Saturday … it was a Wonderful GROUP and KAREN SANDERS along with others did an Absolutely great job putting it all together! Then on Sunday Dean and Mary Wilson had a good size group meet at the ARTS and CRAFT building at the FAIR GROUNDS to start up the TEA PARTY once again… also Roger Gitlin had Mark Muesner who’s running for the California Senate at his home for a Money Raiser and later that afternoon was a rally on Highway 101 … lots of people attended ..and Mark gave a Speech… there were posters and lots of attendance… So DEL NORTE COUNTY is getting back in Swing of things again!

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