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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE- June 2, 2021

The Crescent City Harbor is looking vastly improved after the Harbor hired R.A. Kirkland Landscapers, Crescent City.

Thanks and recognition must be directed to the three new commissioners whose voices for improvement must have been heard. The maintenance is not done yet but Oh, what an improvement!!! The difference the Public sees is dramatic, as we all enjoy the amenities our community offers.

The Harbor Board must secure funds and renew expired permits to properly dredge the Harbor. Many vessels cannot ingress or egress our Harbor until it is satisfactorily dredged.

3 thoughts on “Gitlin says, “Harbor looking vastly improved.””
  1. Don’t worry Roger it won’t last long. Just long enough to take the attention away from the negative press. Then the harbor district will “run” out of money to keep up the charade and it will be back to normal. Future News Flash, due to declining revenue from traditional sources the Crescent City Harbor Board is considering placing a one percent sales tax increase before the local taxpayers to pay for long over due deferred maintenance in the “tens of millions of dollars”. Our “vital” community resource will exhaust it’s reserves in two to three years at the current rate of expenditures making it ‘necessary” to ask for this increased sales tax in order to maintain current service levels. The request will have no sunset, an will be increased yearly according to “cost of living index increases”. The additional revenue will be used to hire additional harbor administrators to allow for twenty four hour coverage of vital harbor tasks at a rate of $198,000 per annum plus benefits. An out of town ” consulting” firm will be conducting a survey to determine the community’s appetite for the tax increase. ABC Voting Success of Sacramento has been offered $35,000 to conduct the survey in the fall. Seems fair, doesn’t it? Oh and did I forget the full suit of Holiday lights, mustn’t say Christmas after all, for the harbor to be all festive and such.

    1. Another Sales Tax Increase! Lots of luck.
      Garbage rates just went up. We just had 2 sales tax increases. SOMEHOW the Fire district got our Property Tax increased. The schools are wanting more $ and I think the Fairgrounds $ is about to expire so they will want that renewed.
      What’s next? A tax or bond to operate the Crosswalk on 101 by the Patriot station, or parking meters, or fees to use Front Street Park, or or or.
      Enough already.
      By the way, how’s that $26,000 Golf Simulator working out and are trips to Japan and Washington DC necessary. We have legislators for the latter, i.e, Huffman.

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