Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Wal-Mart Crescent City announces grants to “Take a Bite Out of Blight” program
Del Norte County 1st District Supervisor Roger Gitlin reports that Wal-Mart Crescent City has contributed $1500 multi-recipient grants to the take a bite out of blight program. 501c(3) recipients Our Daily Bread Ministries and Jordan Recovery Group, both of Crescent City. The Program will soon commence assisting elderly and disabled homeowners of Del Norte County in removing trash, overgrowth, and other eyesore blight from the exterior of previously-cited properties. The take a bite out blight program is a non-government outreach program which works with the Del Norte County Code Enforcement Department in identifying properties that are in violation of current County Code and assisting property owners in maintaining community standards. Our Daily Bread Ministries and Jordan Recovery Group will provide labor and tools to accomplish this goal.
Wal-Mart General Manager Nick Gonnella stated he is excited to help improve and beautify the community and is proud that Wal-Mart is the first corporate sponsor of the Blight Program.

Monetary contributions may be made to Our Daily Bread Ministries and Jordan Recovery Group. Supervisor Gitlin has also stated he will contribute to both Daily Bread and Jordan Recovery for the Program.

The Program is expected to commence by May 1.

  1. Its good to hear about the good of getting rid of those trash piles. Its about time, when someone took the lead of cleaning up the town. But, there is a great hidden spots of trash piles all over the place!

    Hears one, if you see it report it to the blight office, or send them a notice by e-mail. You don’t have to give a name, because you only are reporting left over piled up trash, and not arresting it, unless, you are the owner. Then contact the sheriffs office,or PD.

    Report anyone, places and things who you think does not belong there on the vacate lots or parcels, plots.

    Report let say, more than two or three bags left somewhere no one goes. Like a back trail head road,or a backyard vacate house. Bring it to the county department,or the blight office attention right of way.

    If you throw out any raw foods, put it in a bag, or some other types’ of closed compartments’. Larva and fly’s don’t can not go into it. It also, caters’ to bees’. Raw foods will send off a massive air Bourne virus that sends a message to them.

    Remember, if you plan on just dumping it off somewhere, and don’t,or didn’t want report it. The law says you are breaking the law when dumping it, and you can go to jail, or get a ticket if you get caught!

    Furthermore, if you are interested in this program contact the blight office for more information regarding it.

  2. nice of walmart to donate 1500 dollars for clean up, I was thinking about picking up all the walmart bags covering the bushes across the street from walmart. Actually, I would like to pick up the trash along hwy 101 going north of town as it is in bad shape as well…great exercise…wonder if cal trans would donate bags to put the trash in??

  3. I think its great that someone is looking at how Crescent City looks! Before summer why doesn’t some group clean up the beach parking area as you come into town from the south? Flat parking, trash containers and pick-nick tables would be nice. My be some of the people on vacation might want to stop and spend some of their money here. Right now Crescent City looks like a town in decline and if I did not live here I probably would not stop here except to get gas.

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