Sun. May 26th, 2024

Roger Gitlin announces partners in Take a Bite out of Blight program

Del Norte County 1st District Supervisor Roger Gitlin has announced Daily Bread Ministries and Jordan Recovery Group  of Crescent City as the two partners selected  to implement Supervisor Gitlin’s take a bite out of blight Program. Take a Bite out of Blight is a non-government community outreach effort which assists needy homeowners in cleaning up their properties by removing trash and eyesore debris thereby  helping to beautify the neighborhood. Supervisor Gitlin’s office will work closely with the Del Norte County Code Enforcement Department in selecting properties for improvement. “ Let’s clean up beautiful Del Norte county one home at a time” ,  says Supervisor Gitlin.  Both Our Daily Bread Ministries and Jordan Recovery Center are 501(c)3 entities whose mission is to assist  those in need and provide goods and services to many of who have hit hard times. Financial contribution from the community is greatly appreciated and should be directed to:


Our Daily Bread Ministries                           OR                               Jordan Recovery Center

1135 Harold St                                                                                               1231 Northcrest Dr

Crescent City, CA. 95531                                                                      Crescent City, CA. 95531

(707) 464-7771                                                                                            (707) 464-7849

Please mark your contribution take a bite out of blight.

 Supervisor Gitlin as also committed to take a bite out of blight by donating a portion of his salary as Supervisor to the Program


  1. I have made an paper list of contracts, explaing what has been done, and who is protected from civil wrong doign on land. Contact mr. gitlin office for deatial of the paper work. Remembe? Even if the land is cleaned,just crossing over booudnry you are lieable for danmge done to land even if if is clen up. The law will go after the blight office and other organzaions in court to get more money out of the project. Protecion is at hight at a cost and the county can not make is decsions.

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