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Opinion Piece By Samuel Strait – February 25, 2019 –

I supposed after having the law laid down by the current “mouth piece”of progressives in Congress, it is time for all humans to begin packing their bags in anticipation of being “forced” to leave planet earth before we literally boil in our own juices. But wait, me being “old” and regularly asked by “expert” young progressives to shut up and stand aside. I seem to remember a time when I was young and had my whole life in front of me, yet some how the message being trumpeted regularly was eerily similar in form to the progression of warming alarm-ism currently being screeched from the mass media, most celebrities, and many politicians on a regular basis.  Of course at the time, I was hardly in a position to contest any of the dire predictions of doom and gloom, being hardly worldly, nor particularly experienced with the ways of the world, as many of today’s youth, progressive or not, seem to fancy themselves.

What are we missing something here?  Probably not, as most millennials were but a gleam in their respective parents eyes at the time, and since most young people not only have a great deal of difficulty with history, but also with the concept that one might just  learn something from history, it shouldn’t be surprising that the angst over global cooling, climate change, and extreme weather during the 60’s, 70’s, and early 80’s is only something people old enough to have experienced would acknowledge as being a real world wide event.  I suppose the obvious question to be asked, “What do you mean Global Cooling?”.  Was that even a “real thing”?Shockingly, the media headlines carried story after story of mankind becoming “popsicles” before the year 2000. Movies were made in Hollywood depicting New York’s skyscrapers peeping through massive new glaciers. Prominent people, famous scientists, media types  and politicians were all in a frenzy, warning of impending cataclysm and the “end of mankind”, if humans didn’t change their ways.  Unfortunately for the alarmists as dates for “the END” came and went, and new science began to look into the claims of ” the settled science of global cooling” held by “a consensus of scientists”, global cooling   as a threat to earth’s human population began to wane.  Scientists and environmentalists scurried around looking for the next human caused dilemma in the late 80’s as government funding for global cooling began to dry up.  Not before, of course, billions of dollars of tax payer money was given out to “scientists” for climate research and billions more were wasted on new legislation to “combat” global cooling.

And here we are again.  As if following the script from a Hollywood movie from the past, what is it, nearly forty years, we are in the end stages of global warming for those that care to listen to the latest rumbling from the scientific community.  The newest findings, if you can bring it to the surface of the continued deluge of warming alarmist propoganda, are that by 2030 to 2040 we will be experiencing a “new ice age” of a rather significant dimension.   Once again after rushing to judgment and failing to heed lessons from the past, warmist hype have led us down the garden path as we are  on the downward slope of the latest solar maximum.  As the “humans are to blame” rational for global warming, climate change and extreme weather” begins to break down in the face of new scientific development, most particularly from studies of solar activity and its relationship to planets and various other factors that relate to the highs and lows of solar activity, we will once again find ourselves bearing the weight and cost of regulation, all to combat
“global warming”.

Naturally, Climate change, global warming, and extreme weather will not go into the night gracefully as the warming theorists have a lot of government money at stake and the media, celebrities, and politicians loath to eat crow.  I suppose it will take a lot more of the silliness of the “Green New Deal”, the endless dates for the “end of the world” proclamations to come and go with very little change, and the inability to tie humans as a significant causal factor for warming before the next climate catastrophe will enter the stage.  People will eventually tumble to the fact that extreme cold, ice and snow is hard to link with global warming,  floods, fire, beach erosion and a multitude of other phenomena have similar problems.  If, what solar scientists are predicting, cold, will become the “new” cause for the major media, celebrities,  AOC, her tribe of progressives, as well as politicians in general to obsess over.

It seems we will never be truly free from those whose only thoughts in life are to control others.  I do not think it was in the minds of the founders of this Country that government control over a larger portion of an individual’s choices in life was meant to be.  I am quite certain climate change of any kind was not in consideration for government control.  It takes a certain kind of youthful arrogance to believe that regular human activity can affect the quality of life on this planet in any meaningful extent.   It seems that we now live in a country where some of the youth of this nation are the new “experts” on just how we should to live our lives whether we like it or not. Fortunately, we have a new breed of progressive politicians and activists who are ignorant of past lessons, both young and old, from which we will be able to find out just how far the clown show will take us.  AOC and Bernie Sanders, the gifts that just keep on giving.

I could spend a fair amount of time over just how the new science will shortly put an end to the global warming nonsense and make climate change just another regular occurrence in the earth’s 4.5 billion year history, but the science would bore most folks. Having a keen interest in astronomy and astrophysics as a young man and a bachelors degree in Physics, I do try to keep up with the discipline.  Most of the new research comes from a broad spectrum of scientists world wide, and accounts for much of the embarrassing gaps in current climate theory and models, as well as accounting for many of the failings of so many of the recent climate models.  These new scientific findings offer a much better explanation for most of the anomalies to be found in climate
theory.  We are bearing the burden of a relatively new science, much less that a century old, which is flexing its muscle in an attempt to be immediately relevant, climatology.   It is unfortunate that we live in a time when unpopular science can so easily be buried by a current scientific fad, sometimes of long standing.   Clearly something else we can learn from history, because this isn’t the first time when new developments in science have had to revolt against settled and consensus science.

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  1. What’s this? I guess I’ll have to start watching FOX news to see if they are stealing my lines. CNN and MSNBC are pretty much into talking heads agonizing over climate change. They must not be keeping up. A new solar minimum is on the horizon. It is 23 degrees Fahrenheit this morning here in Eugene. Coldest its been here in quite awhile.

  2. It says it’s an opinion piece and no references are cited. Why not respond to what Sam has stated? Is it too far beneath you?

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