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Oregon Right to

Received a message this morning from the Oregon YES on Measure 92 folks that Monsanto poured in another $2.5 million to their campaign to stop GMO labeling on products. This brings their total to $4 million.   That’s a lot of moola.

Granted, not everyone knows what GMO stands for.  It stands for genetically modified organisms.

Granted, not everyone cares whether or not it’s labeled on products that are consumed.  But for those that suffer allergies to eggs, wheat, milk, or peanuts, for example; their health and even their life depends on reading the small print on the ingredients.

Granted, not everyone realizes that GMO products could affect your health.  For over 20 years, Monsanto has been genetically engineering seeds. The majority of the USA’s corn and soy crops are GMO’s.  Those two products are used extensively in food products.  Now about the testing.  There has not been adequate testing on the safety of consuming GMO products.

The film, “Genetic Roulette,” clearly points out many of the possible health issues including autism, leaky gut and more.

In 2012, Measure 97 to label GMO products failed in California by a small margin.  Same thing happened in the State of Washington. Each time, Monsanto, (who let’s the whole world know how safe their GMO products are – even though they’ve been banned in a number of countries) apparently think that by not  labeling products containing GMO’s it’s going to keep consumers buying those products.  They’re probably right. They’re making money hand over fist from all their nasty ingredients.

All it takes though, is for one state to get their measure passed to break through this roadblock.  Let’s help Monsanto’s stock go down. Let’s help Monsanto clean up their act and stop killing and poisoning…. it wasn’t all that long ago they contracted for an produced Agent Orange for the Viet Nam war.

In the meantime, if you have a few bucks to donate; they can really use your help.  Contact: Oregon Right To Know. org.












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