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Prop 92 campaign contributions



UPDATE:  November 26, 2014

The vote is going to a recount.  Read Letters to the Editor for the most current update.

November 13, 2014: Notice anything peculiar? Let’s start with the fact that Prop 92, (the purpose  – to label products containing genetically modified organisms), was being outspent three to one as of 2 pm November 13th.

The second thing to be aware of is corporate contributions from out-of-state are fueling this issue.  Nearly $21 million has been spent to try to squealch this measure from becoming law. Mostly from Monsanto and their buddies.

As of 11:04 am, November 20th, the YES votes are at 744,433 or 49.86% and the NO votes are at 748,582 or 50.14% totaling 1,493,015 votes.

The deadline is Monday, November 24th to get the results in to the Oregon Secretary of State.  There’s still a chance that the YES on 92 can win.

Historically, after Monsanto and their cronies lose their GMO fights at the ballot box, they initiate lawsuits to bullying their way through the courts.

Gee, that sounds reminiscent of Crescent City suing the Westfall’s to keep the sewer rate repeal initiative off the November 2010 ballot. Fortunately, while the State Water Control Board agreed to eliminate $15 million in interest on the wastewater treatment State Revolving Fund Loan, Tuesday, November 18th,  the City Council will soon ask the rate payers for 5% annual rate increases for the next four years.  Fortunate because Prop 218 is still a tool available to all ratepayers and property owners connected to sewer to protest.









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