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By Donna Westfall – June 17, 2021

 Senate Bill SB9 has passed the State Senate and is now before the State Assembly.
 > It would mean the end of single-family neighborhoods throughout California.
 > SB 9 would force all cities to allow:
 > Splitting any single-family lot into two.
 > Two homes on each lot, thus replacing one home with four – plus ADUs (accessory dwelling unit).
 > Four-foot setbacks side and rear: no privacy, no backyards, no green space.
 > Approval without CEQA environmental review.
 > SB9 does not require or provide for any affordable housing.
 > SB9 is a gift to developers and real estate investment companies, who will maximize profits by building luxury and market-rate housing.

These bills ignore:
 > Increased demand on schools, parks, water, sewers, power grid, public safety personnel
 > Traffic and parking requirements
 > Privacy, backyards, trees and personal green space.
 > Environmental impacts, including air quality and noise
 > Our right to determine local zoning through duly-elected representatives
 > If you oppose these mandates, sign the petition to your Assembly member:


Assemblyman Jim Wood  (707) 445-7014

Watch the video below:

  1. Essentially this is the Portland, Oregon model. Yet despite this, Portland, Oregon is still far too expensive for the majority of people to buy a home of any kind. This won’t do a damned thing to fix the homeless problem but instead, hurt everyone else.

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