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Public Comment¬†at Board of Supervisor’s Meeting January 27, 2015

Complaints about rogue sheriff’s deputies put on the public record:

[cincopa A4CA9RMZDjM9]

2 thoughts on “Good Cop, Bad Cop”
  1. We need citizens review board. I have dealt the mentioned officers and they were over the top rude,…I have talked about a citizens review board for several years…

  2. A gentlemen who spoke after me stated, “I respect our men and women in uniform”…well so do I..but I don’t respect people who wear badges who lack the maturity of being an officer, and who bully people because they can under the color of authority. Commonly, when you go into the sheriff department you are not met with friendly professional officers you are met with “we against the public” attitudes. What they don’t realize is that we, the people, pay for the food on their tables…and we, the people, need to enforce the California government code of 19572(m) Discourteous Treatment of the Public or other Employees.
    Discourteous treatment of the public or other employees generally involves conduct where a person displays hostility towards others, speaks in an abrasive tone of voice, and has a brusque demeanor; which provides that they will be courteous and professional to the public.

    SURE ALL POLICE OFFICERS have a tough life threatening job but they are all held to a higher standard and should act accordingly.

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