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By Samuel Strait – December 21, 2020 – Cartoon credit to TOM JANSSEN, THE NETHERLANDS

It might seem that the Grinch has stolen Christmas in the year 2020, but
all is not as bad as it might seem in this year of COVID 19.  While the
Media, Politicians, and Public Health Autocrats continue to bleat about
the horrors of the virus we currently are experiencing, a bit of genuine
good news has surfaced in a number of places, abet briefly, before being
suppressed by the usual suspects.

To begin, it seems that medical researchers had discovered very early in
the game, March/April, that the virus, COVID 19, was known to be a
weaken virus unlike the Common Flu, but a virus that the human body’s
own defense mechanisms could easily defeat.  This fact had shown up
early in the research due to large numbers of those infected by the
virus had few if any symptoms.  There were a number of papers published
in reputable medical journals in the spring of 2020 that were largely
ignored, but have recently surfaced noting that fact.  Now that we have
dealt with this virus for nearly a year, certain other bits of
information have come to light that cast doubt that we are really
dealing with the kind of virus being reported.

A recent report by an economist out of John Hopkins found that there was
no increase in the numbers of elderly that died during the height of the
pandemic and up to September of 2020.  She also noted that when
increased numbers of deaths by Covid were reported, there was an equal
decline in numbers of deaths in ten other common morbidities.   The
paper has since been removed by John Hopkins and the data on the CDC web
site that the report was based has also vanished.  Funny thing about that.

In October, a report that came from the CDC seemed to indicate that
fewer than 6% of COVID 19 deaths being reported were actually from Covid
and not the one or more comorbidities far more likely to have been the
cause of death in 94% of the remainder.  Several State Public Health
Departments reported similar findings. Finally in a little reported
offering, the CDC reported that only about 9100 deaths could be
conclusively connected to a COVID 19 only cause of death, not the close to
300,000 currently being reported.

And last but not least, the current over all death toll in the United
State for 2020 has declined below the numbers being reported for the
last three years.  For most thinking souls, this all appears to be good
news at the end of a miserable year, just in time for Christmas.  A
virus that is not nearly as lethal as we have been told, some thing most
healthy people will hardly feel the effects of being infected.  No more
need for mandates.  A Vaccine in the process of being distributed to
those few that need the protection it offers if they wish to partake. 
What more could we ask for at this time of the year.

The only thing I would want to ask is why this information not common
knowledge?   Must we continue to bow to the “Medical Expert” that is on
his way to vaccinate Santa at the North Pole?

With that, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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