Thu. May 23rd, 2024


Nestle Company, manufacturer of 250 different products, has agreed to remove all artificial flavorings and coloring from their US chocolate candy bars. The Swiss giant bowed to pressure from American consumers that they wanted these gone, kaput. They will replace the flavorings and colorings with natural ingredients.  For example, their CRUNCH bar will replace artificial vanilla with natural vanilla.

The company is making changes to more than 75 recipes, said health and wellness manager Leslie Mohr, who added that consumer testing had been done on the new recipes.

More than 60% of Americans said the absence of artificial coloring or flavoring was an important factor in their decision to buy food, according to a recent Nielsen survey the company cited.

What do you want to bet that prices increase and the size of the candy bar decreases?

The new, healthier bars are expected to be on the market sometime in mid- 2016.

Congrats to Nestle for bowing to public pressure.

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