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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – April 17, 2018 –

A long time ago I came to the conclusion that we all should really ignore most of what is put out as news.  I remember watching local news as far back as the 1980’s and being annoyed by newscasters interjecting their opinions as to what the public should think on particular subjects.  I had no problem with station owners announcing an editorial piece and giving their opinions and arguments.

Then I saw a decided shift to the “feel good” story of the afternoon because station owners and staff received input from the public that all of the news they were reporting was “negative”.  Of course the news was negative.  Rarely are accusations in a positive vein and one sided reporting is the norm.  Besides, you don’t try a person on television and a wise person wouldn’t state his position on a public venue so his words could be twisted by a prosecutor.

Do I really care that Sean Hannity was a client of Donald Trump’s attorney?  Do I care if Trump had an affair with a Playboy bunny or Stormy Daniels?  None of the foregoing are illicit.

What I do care about is a spending bill continuing the debasement of our currency.  I also am concerned with military action in the Middle East.  I want to know what is being done to reduce spending and to grow the US economy by ridding our country of stifling regulations and bureaucracies.  We have real problems, such as an educational system which only serves administrators, and Stormy is not one of them.

I was involved in a discussion on the real topics at a local business.  I also listen to the pundits on radio.  Many feel betrayed by Trump over his not vetoing a spending bill, which is not a budget but the real deal, when that bill was loaded with liberal pork and funding for things not conservative such as National Public Radio and Planned Parenthood.  As usual, I am quick on the solution as well as pertinent question.


Who was it that sent the spending bill to Trump?  The Republican controlled House of Congress is where spending bills, the power of the purse, originates.  Sure you can blame Trump as the “buck stops here” man.  I put the blame squarely where it is deserved: RINO Republican establishment politicans who are only concerned about political careers instead of our country.

I balk at the idea and suggestion of one of my conservative cohorts who is ready to throw up his hands and give up.  Why hand the country back to the Democrats when they have proven their inability to do anything but destroy our Nation?  The Democrats are the Marines of politics: “The Marine Corps….When it Absolutely, Positively has to be Destroyed Overnight” … the only thing is in politics nothing happens overnight but who is counting?

The solution is you remove the Mitch McConnell’s, the Paul Ryan’s, the Jeff Flake’s and others who are the “swamp”.  You have a problem with the swamp, the entrenched establishment?  After getting TEA Party candidates in office, those only too willing to join the Freedom Caucus or like groups, you eliminate the establishment by reducing government by dismantling agencies such as the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, and the EPA.  If they are no longer employed in Washington, they can’t continue to create problems there.

The same goes for the FBI, the CIA, and the Mueller investigation.  Clean house starting at the top.  Mueller pushing the violation of client/attorney privilege to a Manhattan court or New York investigator on a fishing expedition should be the last straw.  This isn’t about finding Russian collusion to fix our last election.  All of America knows who colluded with the Russians and the DNC, who illegally stored and enabled foreign entities to access classified documents, and who paid for a phony dossier to deceive a FISA court judge into issuing a surveillance warrant.

For what is Mueller waiting?  Who is on his elite team?  All supporters of the opposition, the same opposition which did all of this including selling 20% of our Uranium to the Russian government.  Guess that answers that question.

This is who you want running America?  I am not buying that bill of goods no matter how you spout your defeatist attitude that America as we knew it is dead.  I realize it is work but quitting just as the fight is beginning is not going to get you where you want to go.

The bombing of Syria while Russians are present is more interesting to me because of the conspiracy theories put out by the likes of Michael Savage and others.  Why would Assad, the leader in Syria, or the Russians who are helping Assad, use chemical weapons on his own people, people who were not a threat?  ISIS has been all but eliminated by Assad.  Where is the motive?

Former ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, was just installed into Trump’s cabinet as National Security Advisor.  Savage refers to Bolton as “the walrus” and takes him to task as a warmonger.  Not too long after listening to Savage, on another station I heard the same latter description put on a historical figure who was driven out of appeasement politics.  His name was Winston … as in Churchill.

The bombing of 3 chemical weapons manufacturing plants, after Obama claimed success for eliminating them, is a warning.  If Assad didn’t have anything to do with the chemical attacks, why is he making chemical weapons and for use on whom?  These facilities were Syrian government.  Yet those who would condemn this foray had no problem when Bill Clinton carried on a month’s long program against Serbians over a pipeline.

I have no problem with Bolton or Mike Pompeo being on Trump’s team.  I tired of appeasement, and outright support of religious fanatical regimes such as the payment of $150 billion in cash to the mullahs by Obama.  You now have a president who is action instead of talk and it scares you.  Quit being a snow flake.

Do we have to wait until 10 million people are slaughtered as part of a new Holocaust, an event the Iranians dispute as ever happening?  Do we have to wait until a million Americans are slaughtered in America?  Walk softly but use that big stick because the nuts aren’t listening.

We have tried diplomacy since Reagan left office.  What are the results?  Iran with nuclear capability and “Death to America, the Great Satan”.  Thanks Barry.  North Korea with nuclear capability.  Thanks Bill.  ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan killing innocent non-believers as well as killing Christians of their own ethnicity in their own countries.  Let’s not forget about illegal immigration.

It seems to me we have been listening to the wrong people, people who want to tie our military’s hands during military action.  My suggestion at this point is for Bolton and the hawks to develop a coherent strategy and goals if they want to go to war.  What is it you want to achieve and how will you provide stability after your actions?

Might doesn’t make right but it sure stops wrong from continuing …

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