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Opinion Piece By Linda Sutter – August 20, 2017 –

Earlier this week Governor Brown, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Director, and California Correctional Peace Officer President, Chuck Alexander, made it to Del Norte County in stealth mode.  The reason for the secret visit was due to the several safety violations at Pelican Bay State Prison’s newest opening of D-SHU level 2 lifers program.

During the meeting with Governor Brown and the Union, Warden, Clark Ducart, was asked to leave the room so discussions could continue with the Governor, the Director, CCPOA PRESIDENT Chuck Alexander, and Pelican Bay Chapter president.

No post orders were available for the officers for the level two and soon to be level three inmates of the newly  designed Security Housing Unit where the inmates will be housed. It should be noted when level 2’s and level 3’s are together, the institutions become more hostile and it is commonplace for riots to occur.

It should also be noted the current administration has worked at Pelican Bay for the last 28 years, at which time they dealt with primarily level 4 inmates. This new administration refused to sit with the union to hash out duties and responsibilities to the point where every Officer’s life was at stake because there was a lackadaisical attitude from the Warden and his supervisors.

Numerous safety violations affecting the safety and security of the Correctional Officers, the inmates, and other staff, as well as the institution. The safety violations were so egregious that the Governor was forced to order and develop a strike team to come to Pelican Bay and review all Post Orders making sure the institution is in compliance with all mandated policies, laws, and procedures.

The Strike team will be forthcoming in the next week to two weeks, to ensure adequate coverage of level 2 and level 3 inmates, as well as Post Orders are designed to assure safety and security of the institution, staff, and inmates.

No mention of this at all during the Prison Advisory Meeting held August 9th, at 3p.m..

Attempts were made to Contact Chuck Alexander in response to this matter and as of this date Mr. Alexander failed to respond.

  1. Thank you so much for responding to this hostile crisis
    More and more I’m convinced it’s not the politics that
    define a man it is his ability to protect his fellow
    man from Injustice and to protect man from another man.
    Governor Jerry Brown has restored my faltering faith
    in our Justice System.

    This helped me know who is a true friend.
    Sorry I forgot where this scripture is so I must
    find it and share it…
    Jesus said I was in prison but you never visited me
    so I do not know you.
    I was hungry but you didn’t offer me bread so I do not
    know you… I was cold but you didn’t offer me a blanket…
    I believe we need more good men like
    Governor Jerry Brown.

    1. I wouldn’t put Governor Brown on too high of a pedestal, as you will note in the story, he was “forced” to order and develop a strike team. Apparently things had gotten so out of hand at the prison, that Governor Brown had no choice. He hasn’t exactly been very helpful on numerous other occasions over the last nearly five years when it came to doing the right thing for the citizens of California. I “love” the fact that gasoline is well over $3.00 a gallon. Got to pay for that high speed rail in Southern California some how.

  2. Are any of the inmates assisting
    ODF fight on the fire lines? I’ve
    Heard in past inmates have also been
    Utilized. We thank them also for any
    Assistance they provide our Brave

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