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By Donna Westfall – March 20, 2021

Let me tell you a story about a man named Rusty. He and his family and friends have been vacationing in Crescent City at Shoreline RV Park for a month to six weeks for over 30 years. Several stays as long as two to three months. In the time they are here, they shop, eat and play in Crescent City. They launch their boats, go to Ocean World and have a good time. He rents a space at Hambro 10 1/2 months of the year to have his boat here. He pays to launch. This year they may not come. What happened? His friends are making reservations at Brookings. What pissed them all off?

In his March 12, 2021 letter of complaint to Mayor Greenough, Rusty relates how he called into City Hall to Speak with City Manager, Eric Wier. The gal who answered the phone said, Eric was sitting right next to her, but couldn’t take the call. He asked for a return phone call and they never connected. At issue is the application that now asks for all kinds of personal information and they feel that this is invasive.

For 30 years they have not had problem with providing their names, home address and phone number along with vehicle license and Driver’s License number. They pay as they enter and enjoy their time with family and friends. “Since 1988 they stayed despite electrical problems, water and plumbing situations and temper tantrums of Charlie and Rae-anne.” When the City took over and underwent partial modification, they were able to enjoy the upgrades.

But now several things changed. First the park is requesting their Social Security number and wanting to know if they have ever been evicted or had a felony. He and his friends think that this might be ok if one were renting a home or apartment but to rent a space in an RV park is government overreach.

So he and his friends are reticent to drive 10 hours only to be turned away. In addition, instead of staying six weeks, they would be required to pull up stakes and move after 30 days for 24 hours before returning. This they are not willing to do.

Here’s the financial breakdown:

$825 RV Space rent, $780 to Hambro’s for 10 1/2 months storage, patronizing the following businesses: Safeway, Grocery Outlet, Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid, Cheese Factory (Rumiano’s) restaurants, gas stations, Englund’ Marine and purchase a launching permit for their boat.

Now having them, their family and friends getting together at the same time each year and choosing to relocate to Brookings would put a dent in our city’s economy.

To you think this is government overreach? Let’s see what the City has to say about it this coming week.

6 thoughts on “Government overreach harming our economy?”
  1. I have been coming to Crescent City for over 30 years with friends & family (parents, children & grandchildren. ) While some stay at Shoreline RV some stay at motels. Now I find that You can’t stay more than 30 days, your family will not be allowed to drive in to visit but park outside the park. Also you will require me as well as them to give you Social Security Numbers. People have always stayed for the summer for over 30 years. I drive over 925 miles to get there and it takes 2-3 days to set up and another to pack up. If you do this you will not have the thousand of dollars my friends and I spend each year in Crescent City. Many retired people come with their RV’s, boats & camp; family will no longer come. Unhappy summer visitor, Barbara

  2. Fred Weber
    I too am one of Rusty’s friends and have been enjoying Shoreline on and off for about 15 years. I will not be coming if the personal information is required. We give that information out enough by accident and don’t need to give it out on purpose.

  3. I have never heard of any campground or R.V. Park requiring a social security number. As to the 30 day maximum stay, that is standard in the lodging industry as once someone exceeds 30 days then they car considered “permanent” and a different set of state laws take effect as opposed to the laws governing “transient” (under 30 days) stays.

  4. We had stayed at Shoreline for years.
    However, last year we stayed for three months. The cost, over a thousand a month ocean side.
    Over the years we have put up with a lot.
    Gopher holes, bad WiFi, garbage pile ups, and BAD roads. And lastly a promise of several upgrades that never happened.
    As a city owned park this could be a jewel in the crown of the city park system.
    After last years boost of a one hundred percent increase in cost, we will not be back.

  5. We are one of Rusty’s friends who were planning on coming to Crescent City this year. When we found out that the campground was requiring our social security number to enter the park we had second thoughts. We camphosted at California State Parks and Alameda County fairgrounds for many years and we never were told to acquire such personal and confidential information from campers to enter said parks. Fear of not receiving payment from campers if they stay longer than planned is only going to chase away regulars that stay at the park evey year to fish, eat out and enjoy each other’s company.

    We appreciate your posting this article. We hope this will make those who are putting a damper on a lot of campers trips to realize that this is not a good business move on their part and will only cause loss of business when it is very much needed during these tough times.
    From a couple of concerned and disappointed campers.

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