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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – March 21, 2021

The discussion was to be about our local Del Norte Solid Waste
Management Authority (DNSWMA) and their recent discussion about raising rates
once again.  I believe this was mentioned in a previous article penned
by yours truly that once Tedd Ward got the bit between his teeth the
increase in rates would become a regular event in order to pay for
recycling.  You have dodged that bullet, as I had an experience at the
local Home Depot that peaked my interest and gives me the opportunity
for a little audience participation.

I have purchased many, many wood and lumber products over the years,
some quite recently.  I am told this “California Lumber Fee” has been
appearing on sales slips at the local hardware store since January
1, 2013, which surprised me when I noticed that 1% added fee to the
lumber I had purchased.  Got me to thinking just how many ways the State
of California, the County of Del Norte, and the City of Crescent City
dips in the pockets of the local citizens.  I would encourage those that
read this piece to contribute to the list of taxes and fees that I might
have missed in the following list.

The three main taxes from the State are Income tax, Sales tax, and
Property tax.  The first two are among the highest in the nation.  Of
course most of us know about several taxes added to your gasoline or
diesel fill up.  There is a laundry list of taxes and fees that are
added to your phone bill, your cell phone bill, and your regular home
phone land line if you still have one.  Not to forget those that appear
on you power bill as well.  I am quite sure that their are many special
use taxes for various activities, probably the list is so long as to
make anyone uncomfortable.  I am told by a reliable source that even the
CRV fee you pay on drinks is sales taxed.  The tax on liquor is another
obvious one, and of course Weed is also subject to taxing.  You pay
taxes when you buy RV’s, boats, and vehicles of course.  Just about
everything you buy or do in California has some sort of tax associated
with it sometimes more than one.

As far as fees, its another way that the State and local governments in
California get in your pocket.   There is the afore mentioned Lumber
Fee, and Fees to conduct most forms of business with all branches of the
government.  Taxes and fees on vehicle licensing, drivers licenses, as
well as multiple professional licenses.  There are fees when you
purchase nearly all electronics, major appliances, carpet, its padding,
and tires for you vehicles.  I suspect if I spent any time at all there
would be a staggering list of things most people do not even consider
taxable.  Where is the fun in that?

So in conclusion, I invite the readers of this article to put on their
thinking caps and contribute in the comment section any other taxes and
fees that you can think of.  Motel occupancy taxes, anyone?  DNSWMA fees
to come in a future article.

4 thoughts on “Government overreach: Taxes and Fees Paid in California”
  1. J we do not have a poll tax yet, maybe it’s because they need the feeling of power to keep taxing us and they know people will keep voting the same people in office why???

  2. Give it time and they will have a poll tax. They are still wanting to tax water from your wells. Can’t buy homeowners insurance anymore that covers fire. Annual premium before Paradise burned down $1250.00. After the fire, $3100.00 and live 30 miles from there. CA insurance commissioner and insurance companies changed the game in their favor. You can get a policy but it will not satisfy your mortgage company so you will have to supplement it with a policy from The California Fair Plan. Not really sure where “Fair” fits into the scheme of things. 150% higher just because of the zip code my home is in. Somebody has to turn this state around or nobody will be able to afford to live here.

  3. A few more taxes:
    -payroll tax (businesses)
    -California franchise fees (LLCs and Corporations)
    -bed tax (hotels, vacation rentals and service industry)
    -inspection fees
    -building/construction permits
    -zoning permits
    -occupancy tax (hotels, vacation rentals and service industry)
    -various taxes and permits by industry/trade
    -self-employment tax
    -marriage licences
    -hunting and fishing licenses
    -wilderness and campsight permits
    -bicycle licences
    -dog permits
    -court case filing fees
    -gun licenses and background checks
    -taxes on out-of-state purchases
    -taxes on alternative currencies, such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
    -additional property taxes for modifications, add-ons and ‘scenic views’
    -passport application and renewal fees
    -federal taxes on unemployment, PPP, social security, estates, etc…
    -early withdrawal penalties on retirement accounts
    -federal penalties for not having health insurance

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