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By Angry Old American – October 11, 2022 – Cartoon credit to Steven Cotterill on Twitter

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Del Norte County and Crescent City have no tangible industry other than “Government.” Fraudulent claims that we are a “Destination Resort Community,” and subsequent government investments to that end, have destroyed what little private industry that once remained.

“Government” IS our dominant industry and employer. What remains is a sad collection of “Clients;” once proud employed and prosperous citizens that were bankrupted, foreclosed, and addicted to anti-depressants, illicit drugs, Homeless and Mental Health Services due to predatory government regulations. A tattered Free-Enterprise remnant from the past still hang-on, scraping to survive amid a hungry parasitic entity calling itself a “Government.”

What is the primary focus of this “Government” entity? Service to the community, maintenance of roads and infrastructure, and critical emergency services are at the end of their list. These services were so woefully neglected for decades that our predatory Government entity chose to increase taxes in order to finally support them. To this end Measures R and S allowed them to have their cake and eat it too!

What then is the highest priority of our local governments? Higher wages, more benefits, growth, and command of ever increasing power and control over their community residents!

These Entities, “Governments” as they choose to call themselves, expand their power and control by distributing graft for their Lords and Masters in State and Federal Government. One simply need look at the major contributors to Governor Newsom and

the California Legislature’s white collar organized crime group. Mental Health Services Unions and Contract Providers, Teacher’s Unions, Environmental Engineers Unions, Niche Developers and Contractors, and an avalanche of “Studies” Providers and Planners top the list. Is it any wonder that our local governments are constantly obligated to pander those that paid for political power at the highest levels of “Government?”

The result of all this graft, corruption and government growth has been the destruction of our local private sector; and the gradual bankrupting of those who worked in it. Past members of the Middle Class were stripped of income and dignity. Their foreclosed homes are sold at auction to local slum lords, and they face rents even higher than their mortgages, or homelessness. They worked hard, scrimped, saved, and lived by the rules for years; and were betrayed by a new set of rules. The Parasite has killed its Host!

How then can this parasitic and predatory Entity continue to feed its primary desire for more and more wage increases and benefits?

This modest proposal is for a “Special Income Tax” levied on the only industry that is left standing. A Special Tax on all government employees residing in Del Norte County and Crescent City would provide for an incessant desire for MORE!

Of course, in the spirit of “Democracy” and “Equity,” this special tax should only be shouldered by those drawing the highest income. “Tax the Rich!” Federal, State and Local Government Employees drawing an annual income in excess of $100,000 would face a tax of 75% for every dollar above the $100,000 non-taxable threshold. For example, a County Manager drawing $200,000 per year, would pay 75% of the $100,000 excess in County or City Special Income Taxes. That $75,000 in taxes would go toward providing much needed pay raises for lowly grunt employees at the bottom tier.

In the spirit of “Equity,” distribution of Special Government Employee Income Taxes to other Government Employees might look like this:

20% to those earning $35,000 annually or less.

15% to those earning less than $50,000 annually.

10% for those earning less than $75,000 per year.

5% for those with annual incomes under $95,000.

The remaining 50% of this Special Tax Revenue would go toward benefits for all those earning less than $100,000 per year..

This Special Government Employee Income Tax would provide a lasting solution to our “Government’s” insatiable appetite for growth along with higher wages and benefits. Will our local Party of Democrats support this modest proposal in the spirit of “Equity” and “Democracy?” Inquiring minds want to know!

One thought on “Government Pay Raises”
  1. In another example of the County Board of Supervisors lawlessness and tolerance of a Wel-Fare County, it appears we will be closing our Juvenile Detention Center. There are only two detainees currently, and still the County is unable to provide adequate Supervision for them. Despite increasing the Department of Health and Human Services 33% over the past ten years the investment is unable to retain qualified job applicants.
    The same Government CoVid mandates that crippled local and state commerce is now being blamed for the retention crisis. We should hold the Supervisors personally liable for the damages inflicted on our community. Local Government is incapable of action, and all their planning, assessments, and recommendations do nothing but continue to expand Government. Local, State, and Federal Government’s are failing at every challenge, and they offer no solutions. Stop the printing of money, and De-Fund Government.

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