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By Angry Old American – October 7, 2023

What are California’s plans for Classic Car Enthusiasts?

On August 2nd 2023 the California Air Resources Board (CARB) issued a survey to gather information
about classic cars (earlier than year 1978) to determine how many miles were on their odometers, and
how they are used and stored. Are the ultra-leftist fanatics in Sacramento targeting Classic Cars as part of
their pending dream-come-true of “Zero Emission Zones.”

Already the UK has established Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) zones throughout London, using
license plate readers to fine drivers of non-electric vehicles that fail to meet new emission standards.
Drivers of gasoline and diesel vehicles must prepay approximately US$15.00 per day for permits to
operate their vehicles in the ULEZ. Those who’s license plates are caught on video surveillance cameras
who fail to pay the ULEZ permit fees are fined approximately US$218.00 per incident.

Considering California’s new laws emerging under the Newsom Regime, we can only expect the worst
outcome for classic car owners. We can expect to see regulations, inspections and subsequent fees related to storage and use of these vehicles, along with hefty fines for anybody breaching the new policies.

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