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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – November 11, 2021

Most people that are paying the least bit of attention, are aware that
Governor Gavin Newsom was “missing in action” for nearly two weeks,
before surfacing in San Francisco at a lavish wedding. There has been
much speculation as to where and why the Governor took a powder, and no,
he wasn’t at his hair stylist for the two weeks nor getting fitted for
his wedding costume although that might be a possibility.  The rumor
mill has been in high gear all the way from a serious reaction to his
recent encounter with a Covid booster shot to other speculations about
ill health.  The governor has claimed “family responsibilities” as the
reason, claiming he has also “worked” from home.  Just what that “work”
consisted of, no one is certain.

What is most interesting about his “vanishing act”, is the notion that
he would voluntarily give up opportunities to be on the “world stage” in
Glasgow at COP26 to drone on about “Climate Change” as he has since
before becoming governor.  He hasn’t left those two words alone for the
nearly three years, nor at any time previous in his political career. 
It is his “go to” explanation for all the things that have gone wrong
since moving his act to Sacramento.  Seems to be the sole reason for him
to be in the seat of power, that and the Pandemic.  Strange that family
matters have superseded his concern for the environment.  Could it
possibly be that the over the top environmentalism and climate change
angst is all for show?  Could he possibly be a “politician” who makes
all kinds of promises that benefit him and him alone?   Ahhh, never,
family comes first.

Of course when he did finally surface, the spin was all about spending
Halloween with the “first person” and his four children. Maybe a few
soccer games thrown in for good measure.  Nothing about his time in San
Francisco palling it up with the Getty’s and Aunt Nancy.  Course he
probably didn’t want any one to point out the large, packed, maskless
gathering at San Francisco’s City Hall, where he and the “first Person”
were chumming it up with the “rich and famous”.  Maybe every one at the
Gala was showing a “vaccine passport”, or was given the opportunity to
test for Covid before entering the grand affair.  To the rest of us
where masks in doors are not an option, seems a bit arrogant on the
Governor’s part.

While we are all under the dictatorial powers of the Governor’s “State
of Emergency”, no one seems to be noticing that a “missing” governor for
an extended period of time does not seem to match up with “Emergency”. 
No matter what the “Empty Suit” is going to spin “missing” on the world
stage, missing” about Climate Change, missing on California’s many
issues, “missing” on following his own Pandemic mandates, and “missing”
on his responsibilities as Governor in a “State of Emergency.  Did he
miss anything?  Seems like quite a lot.

Since the Governor does not care about the citizens of California, the
Climate, the Pandemic, nor any other trivial bits of inconvenience, he
is free to party in San Francisco with all the people who “really” count
in his world….Getty Oil and friends.  The rest of the people in
California need only to follow his commands.  Perhaps the rest of us
should ignore pandemic mandates, vaccination, climate change, and the
current State of Emergency when it is inconvenient and get on with our
lives.  The Governor seems to think that this is “Okay” for him, why not
us? Of course we are not all dressed up with no place to go.  Remember
no indoor gatherings period without following the rules……

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