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By Samuel Strait, Reporter At Large – October 10, 2021

It hasn’t been all that long since Governor “Empty Suit” Newsom managed
to put his foot in his mouth, but yet again he has proven that the “No”
voters at the recent recall election are as empty in the head as he is. 
Most of us in California are well aware of his behavior at a high end
restaurant in the Napa Valley called the French Laundry where he
displayed an entitlement that beggared belief.  Ignoring Covid
restrictions that the rest of Californians were forced to honor, Hair
Gel and a large gathering flouted all manner of his “executive” mandates
regarding groups, social distancing and masks in one fell swoop.

He moved on from that catastrophe by claiming first that it was out of
doors, then had to back track when video revealed that wasn’t the case. 
He quickly moved on from that “little” slip up to taking thousands of
dollars from the Correctional Officers Union to support his efforts to
avoid recall.  Didn’t take long for him to pay them back in kind by
allowing them to escape his State worker mandate that all State workers
be vaccinated.  Didn’t matter whether or not that they had been infected
by the virus and survived, natural immunity wasn’t enough for the “Empty
Suit”. Everyone must be vaccinated if you work for the State……,
except correctional officers.  No word on how that is working out for him.

Naturally when you are as incompetent as Hair Gel is it didn’t take long
for the bumbling to continue.  Hair gel and the “first partner”,
Jennifer Siebel Newsom, love it when “powerful” women are insecure about
their married name, managed to send their two children to summer sports
camp where masks were not required apparel.  Claiming they “missed” the
email stating that minor detail, Newsom went on to complain about his
edicts being weaponized against him.    Of course the mere fact that
California Public Health  requirements state that all children 2 to 11
years of age must wear a mask while indoors at school or other youth
activities was lost on the pair.  Guess the sports camp and the Newsom’s
forgot that little detail when allowing campers that “mask free

But it gets even better….  Recently Newsom  has announced that all
school age children are going to be required to be vaccinated for the
2022-2023 school year.  First State in the nation to make that claim. 
Maybe even, if vaccines that are authorized for use such as the Pfizer
version and are cleared, that date for school children can be rolled
back to January 2022.  How lovely.  Doesn’t give much time for parents
who wish to have a choice to look around for alternative vehicles for
educating their children. After all, according to his Highness Hair Gel
“there would be no reason not to get vaccinated”.  Seems it has slipped
his mind that while it is not recommended that children 2 to 18 be
vaccinated, it remains a personal choice and those in that range are
free and encouraged to get the “jab”.

As much as Newsom wants everyone to bow down to his “rules”, he’s a bit
shaky when it comes to following them in his own right.  It has recently
been revealed after Newsom “grandstanded” over making school children
become vaccinated as early as January, that his own daughter recently
turned 12, has not been vaccinated.  Get this, the “Empty Suit’s”
explanation was that “she had a bunch of other shots to get first”.  How
clever…..  Seems he forgot that she is already in school and he had
just said “there is NO reason all kids shouldn’t be made to get the
shot”.  Maybe he is confused.  Why would having to get a bunch of shots
have anything to do with why his daughter is unvaccinated against
Covid?  If this is such an “emergency” to have all school age children
mandated to be vaccinated, why is his daughter without the “jab”?

Guess it is okay for all the “NO” voters in the recall election to
faithfully follow the Governor’s order, as well as the rest of us, while
he plays fast and loose with them……

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