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By Donna Westfall – July 7, 2016 –

Why is there no phone number on the Grand Jury complaint form?

Why is there no web site address on the Grand Jury complaint form?

Why was the Grand Jury final report for 2016 included in the Del Norte Triplicate newspaper but not included on the Del Norte County website under the Grand Jury Department?

Why did the 2015- 2016 Grand Jury not address the complaint by the Crescent City-Del Norte County Taxpayers Association regarding a lack of an Internal Affairs Department at the Sheriff’s Department?

New 2016-2017 Grand Jurors are:

2016-2017 Grand Jury



One thought on “Grand Jury Problems and Newly Appointed Grand Jurors”
  1. Why are all of the previous Grand Jury reports missing from the Del Norte County web site under Grand Jury Department.
    I recently read in the Triplicate that somebody in local government requested the Triplicate write only positive articles about anything to do with CC/DNC, or maybe it was not to write anything negative. The Triplicate’s reply denied that person’s request stating they do not make the news, they only report the news.
    To include serious concerns from the public on the DNC web site would be to damaging for a local government who has had an agenda in place for many years. It would be self evident that the grant money spent by the local government, at the request of it’s staff, is not for the needs of low income citizens,to create jobs for the unemployed on projects decided at the community meetings, as required by the CDBG grantors. The money goes to benefit the Stakeholders. IS THERE EVER A CONFLICT OF INTEREST???
    That is why only certain people can be heads of committees. Even if they live in other counties 600 miles away and qualified Drs.,living in this county, who would like to be the director of Public Health, will not be hired. To hire somebody who does not know the “agenda” that has been in play (how many years have the “good old boys, Dave. Hemmingson and Martha” been in office ?) could upset the apple cart for the Stakeholders. And do not think for a moment that the stake holders are the citizens of DNC. The citizens are the “pawns to keep poor” and in need of grant money. Has anybody ever seen the credentials of the consultants? Are the consultants members of the joint partnerships, usually the bishop or the castle that transfers the wealth. My least favorites are the rooks. They come out of nowhere to act as elected officials, even though they are only appointees. Their vote counts just as much as any elected representatives.
    SO!!!! That is why the Grand Jury report is not on the DNC web site. The people we did not elect (city council,committee members, directors of special districts and their staff, General managers, financial directors, county and city attorneys, board members….) do not want it on the web site, too revealing!

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