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Opinion Piece by Linda Sutter – July 12, 2016 –

The egregious grand jury report, regarding Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) AND THE LOCAL FAIR ISSUE, is not surprising. It is just another window that reveals the lack of leadership that exists in this county by continuing to utilize good ole boys who want to “rush” things through for the benefit of their own ego. Commonly known as egotistical life support systems attached to a penis.

The DHHS, poorly run for years, and the best quote of the day from Gerry Hemmingsen was, “I am really disappointed.”  And how about Supervisor Finigan, “ I came up with more questions than answers.”

Both statements are absolutely laughable. For years people have come with complaints only to be placed on deaf ears by our supervisors. Yet, the residents here continue to vote in the same old indignant personalities who rubber stamp anything and everything all the while looking through rose colored glasses. Who suffers? We the people who pay for these atrocities. And what about the six figure salary including benefits for Jay Sarina? Why does he continue to have his position when clearly, he is inept. Donald Trump would have fired him long ago.

Then there is this phony baloney Local Fair District who neglected to do their homework on something as simple as contract law. But NOOOOO! In the Local Fair District’s sales tax scheme (or whatever they are referred as) wisdom along with LAFCO, (Murray, Gitlin, Inscore, Hemmingsen and Countess); THEY developed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), didn’t get the signature of the Governor, and thought to themselves, “Well, he’ll sign later. We got to get this on the ballot and it has to pass.” BRILLANT!! How many Landlord’s actually allow people to move in without signing conditions and a lease, hmmmm?? In the meantime, $600,000.00 minus $48,000 can’t be touched, is still accruing, and now two board elected fair district board members have free reign to transfer money from here to there without any oversight to the public whatsoever. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Oh, and let’s not forget the misappropriate use of funds by the 41st district to LAFCO to allegedly form this “sales tax fair district.”

Well excuse my complete disdain but come on people, these guys are up for election. Don’t you want better than that?

  1. Linda,
    In counties where there are numerous stresses, people rely on the health department for therapy. There is NO WHERE TO GO WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, EXCEPT TO THE BARS, OR OUR DRUG PROVIDERS. This is called self-medicating. Some citizens go into denial. One can only take so much of corruption. Bottom line, when embezzlement is so prevalent in this community what makes you think their is any honor
    or integrity at the ballot box. There are a lot more people who are into over sight. And there are a lot more people who are willing to run for office. Good bye to all the crap and corruption. Hello to a healthier community. Thank you for having the courage to run for Supervisor. I hate the thought of STAA trucks on 199 and you are the only candidate from district 5 who would vote NO to STAA trucks on 199.

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