Sat. May 25th, 2024



Did you know that a discount, canned goods store originated in Berkeley, California in 1947?  That ‘s part of the Grocery Outlet chain today.  It has expanded to include everything a modern grocery store would have, and some they may not, like fresh potting plants, flowers in seed and planters, fruit and vegetable plants, starter’s of good quality stock based on my own experience.

But to our community they are so much more than just a local store.  It is a place where you run into your friends and neighbors.  Where seniors can get an additional 10% discount on the first and fourth Thursdays of the month.  They have drawings for gift cards and savings to help everyone in the community.  I’ve also found unique items and very durable appliances and neat little “as seen on TV” gadgets.

The Grocery Outlet chain in not only in California, but has been successful in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona. Our local Grocery Outlet store is located downtown bordered by Hwy 101 South, 3rd Street, K Street and 4th Street.  Stop in and check them out.

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