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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – December 14, 2021

In many ways 2021 has felt like a repeat of 2020. But unlike Bill Murray’s iconic character, who improved as he lived Groundhog’s Day over and over, Gavin Newsom has learned absolutely nothing.

Case in point: yesterday he reimposed a statewide mask mandate, despite data showing that counties with mandates have fared no better than counties without them. 

That’s what I discussed this Sunday on Fox News. California has been the most coercive state in every way – business shutdowns, school shutdowns, church shutdowns; mask mandates, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports – and gotten nothing in return. 

Newsom latest edict, of course, is an exercise of “emergency powers.” Recently, he was asked when the emergency will end. He responded “we’ll know it when we experience it.” Our Governor just vacationed in Cabo and went on a book tour; I think we’ve experienced it.

Meanwhile, we’ve just learned California is illegally paying six figures to a “Superintendent of Equity” who lives and works as a life coach in Philadelphia. He happened to be in the wedding of our state schools chief who hired him. 

I’ve reported this to the Governmental Operations Agency, which is reviewing my letter. It’s a reminder that even before the insanity of Newsom’s one-man rule, our Capitol was already a place of madness.

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