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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello Jr – March 8, 2017 –

The message today is not for the progressive Far Left.  In fact, lessons could and should be learned from their consistent behavior.  Never give up, never give in, and only compromise when you are in a losing position.

Why is it that only the Left understands we are in a war?  Are conservatives really that stupid that they continue to think they can be rational with an enemy who wants them dead or gone?  Reaching across the aisle is a feel good approach which will only result in your arm being hacked off.

Show any sign of weakness and the media Lilliputians jump down your throat.  I point to the forced resignation of Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn as one horrendous error on the part of the Trump administration.  Instead of saying to the man, “this is how I want it done, this is what I expect of you, and there will be no more ‘miscommunication’”, Trump got a lesson in what to expect from those who don’t give a damn about our country or those who have honorably served it.

If I had been in the Donald’s place, I would have come out in typical Donald fashion and said, “We have addressed the situation, nothing illegal has occurred, there is nothing to see here, move on”.  No fear is not just a bumper sticker.

I do salute Trump on continuing with his campaign promises.  I highly enjoy the rancor and distress the progressives are exhibiting and experiencing as the new president gives direction to revitalize our country and society which both have borne the brunt of burgeoning bureaucracy only for bureaucracy’s sake.

I was criticized in last week’s paper as being a Trump sycophant.  Hardly.  I simply am making observations on positive and real change.  Why would I “endorse” Trump during the campaign when there were so many unanswered questions and Ted Cruz was a true constitutionalist?

My critic shows and shared his misogynist view by calling Kellyanne Conway “a piece of work”.  It must be tough to accept a woman who is both tough and intelligent.  I also disagree with Michael Savage who seems to be more concerned with appearance over content.  If you didn’t see her but just heard her, would your opinion be the same?  Petty jealousy because she enjoys the spotlight your delicate ego desires but can’t acquire?

The exposé of a poorly thought out response does not end there.  Trump is not a “bull in a china shop”, he is the 800 pound gorilla in the room who won’t be intimidated or bullied into submission.  It takes more than four weeks to right the ship of state.  Cutting taxes will stimulate the economy the Left is so intent on killing to further enslave America’s populace.

I would ask the critic “how do you rebuild a weakened military, a military where only half of the planes can fly because maintenance parts aren’t available, without spending money?”  The constitutional purpose of our Federal government is the defense of our Nation and not providing welfare for illegal aliens or citizens more interested in drugs than work.  By the way, “the Wall” IS national defense.  What is not is infrastructure spending such as Obama perpetrated.

A small lesson in economics for the critic.  Lower taxes will result in increased investment, increased revenues to the Federal government as employment increases and higher profits are achieved, and this has an impact on the deficit.  Maybe this is why the Donald was a successful businessman and you aren’t?  It worked for Kennedy, Reagan, and even George W so don’t tell me trickle down doesn’t work.  It can be a flood.

While you may want to “put earplugs in your ears”, (that is an invalid allusion as it should be to put blinders on so you can’t read the written word), many of us in America are sick of the moral equivalency force fed to us by those whose goal is the destruction of traditional society.   The comparison to the US incarcerating Japanese citizens in concentration camps to Nazi’s exterminating Jews shows some cannot discriminate between non-lethal and mortal solutions.

The last I checked, we still have freedom of speech and freedom of the press.  Censorship is inherently anti-American.

2 thoughts on “GROW UP”
  1. ever hear of letting a foreign agent called Flynn so slose to presidential daily briefings & the nuclear football? Or people who did not pass FBI background checks working in the White House? Are all of you Trumpies really that dense?

    1. Guess you didn’t get the memo Lin. General Flynn only became a “foreign agent” in the last couple of days. I guess you must think that being a “foreign agent” means something on the order of a “spy vs. spy” kind of thing, but in reality, you know in the real world, it can have all sorts of less nefarious meanings. Leave it to the “left” to make more of it than it really is.

      When I was in the military, my job required an FBI vetting and it took nearly six months to be thorough due to the vagabond existence I lived as a child. The military took precautions, until I was cleared. I still was able to work within the compound where I eventually began work in my intended MOS. I guess what I am saying is “What are you trying to say here?”, other than the usual leftist talking points.

      Seems like you just might want to wait until you really have some legitimate “finger pointing” to do. Not everything that the left leaning media publishes is worthy of print, as more often than not these days the stories either lack support or are non stories. There is and continues to be a real reason that people have to be wary of things that are found in the main stream press and on TV. Many stories lack key elements in order to craft a negative or positive narrative. Kind of defeats the purpose of being called “news”, don’t you think?

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