Fri. Jun 21st, 2024


There are thing’s happening in the downtown  the people of Crescent City should know about.
The BID Board is being very childish. If the downtown businesses don’t play by their rules we can’t play with their toys. Grow up! The Christmas parade and lighting of the tree is not about BID or the downtown businesses; its about the children and the citizens of Crescent City.  So because some of the downtown businesses didn’t pay their assessments that were voluntary the parade got cancelled.  The downtown merchants decided not to let that happen because of the children.  Apparently, the BID Board forgot that past assessments were used to purchase the tree and Santa House.  Now, the BID Board  won’t let them use the tree or the Santa House. This is unbelievable!
Then there is Ron Gastineau. You sir are a council member and are supposed to be for the people but when asked to use your sound system for the good of the  parade you said, “No, because downtown businesses were anti BID”.  As a City Council member I would think that wouldn’t even be an issue because you sir are not a BID member or on the BID board. You don’t even own a business. So are you for the people or for BID, because if you’re not for the people then you need to step down from the City Council!
So BID Board Members and Ron Gastineau… you need to grow up.


  1. Absolutely agree with this assessment. Our council in general is comprised of petty thin-skinned individuals who only think they are elected to represent special interest groups instead of the entire population. Gastineau is right up there with Murray putting this pettiness on display. I dealt with Gastineau over the fluoridation issue and found him to be crass, disrespectful, abrasive and woefully ignorant on this subject. Did I mention childish? And he seemed so proud of his ignorance and absolutely refused to be educated. So it doesn’t surprise me he is acting this way about the parade. Maybe there are others in the community that can lend some equipment. I happen to know a musician who has sound stuff, maybe he can help?

  2. this is a simple fix, fire the BID board, confiscate the santa claus house and other things develop a new BID board, and exercise the liberty of freedom in our town and city…we the people and by the people can over throw the few BID members and ignore their characteristic flaws…..hell, I will help build a newer and better santa house, and we can always find someone with a PA system, lets tap into our resources and overcome anti terrorists who enforce outrageous acts of stupidity

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