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When Dean Wilson was re-elected Sheriff of Del Norte County in November 2010, he swore an oath to uphold the US Constitution and the California Constitution. Certain rights afforded our citizens are well known. If you are accused of a crime, the law of our land operates under the presumption that you are innocent until proven guilty. That doesn’t seem to be the case in our fair city any longer.

Looking over copies printed out from Dean Wilson’s FACEBOOK page; he posts a picture, makes some comments about their crime(s) and lets his Facebook “friends” imagination ignite and run rampant in self-induced rage. The obvious problem is that Mr. Wilson may be wrong. The more serious problem is that as Sheriff, it is downright ludicrous and dangerous that he would stoop to this methodology; sowing seeds of vigilante-ism. Why wait for the court system, when Facebook friends of Dean Wilson can go out and harass. The danger of these self-appointed vigilantes is that they sometimes go after innocent people.

People charged with a crime but awaiting trial should not have to be subjected to this type of treatment. People convicted of a crime, having served their sentence and now integrating back into society as an honest, law abiding productive member, trying to keep on the straight and narrow, should not have to be subjected to this. What have we become? Communist Russia? Nazi Germany? The KKK?

Recently, a local council member had to get involved to protect a constituent. Faced with daily crises due to the constituents friendship with one of those that Wilson targeted on his FACEBOOK pages, her life was becoming endangered. The Sheriff’s office was not responding and refusing to respond to calls for help. The Council member had to enlist the aid of the city’s Police Chief Doug Plack. Fortunately, Plack takes his job seriously, was immediately responsive, and promised to respond to pleas for help when calls came in.

One theory behind this new Facebook assault of Wilson’s is “distraction.” People of the public are asking about Sheriff Wilson’s oversight in the case of former Deputy Sheriff Joe Garcia. Garcia was arrested on multiple charges, convicted and spent a New York minute incarcerated. Garcia abused his position with the public. The public now questions how long Sheriff Wilson knew about Garcia breaking the law and looking the other way.

If you’ve ever been unjustly accused, you’ll remember why it’s so important to have the assurance of innocent until proven guilty and following the rule of law. Dean Wilson may not be breaking any laws as an individual putting this type of crap on his FACEBOOK page. But in the name of decency and fairness, he crossed the line because of his oath to office.

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  1. When one of the murders happened in the past years a parent of the murdered person wanted to speak with Wilson, it wasn’t to tell him the vrappy job his department did on the investigation it was regarding something else. Wilson didn’t have the time to talk to the parent, he was “too” busy. I am sorry I was vauge on the actual details of this but I’ve been trying to be get involved in the election. I believe Eric would make time for someone like this parent to be able to speak with them and know what their feelings are. Also this isn’t heresay I know first hand about this incident.

  2. I am a law abiding citizen with no enforcement encounters with any law enforcement agencies in Del Norte county. I do not know Dean Wilson, but want it to be known and will use all methods possible to publicize what kind of thuggish Nazi mentality the Del Norte Sheriff office has. I was dressed in a suit and am a business professional. I wanted to ask a deputy who I saw parked at a store a question about a business I manage that was having trouble with past employees. When I approached this deputy it was clear that the Del Norte Sheriff office is militarized and has been prostituting itself to the feds to get the toys to play G.I. Joe and become a militaristic branch of the white house. The first thing this steroid raging thug said was ” don’t come up to me with your hands in your pockets” “Don’t you ever fing come up to me with hands in your pockets” he was aggressive and rude and angry, I knew instantly what he was and what the sheriff office was, so I gave him false respect to stay alive. I had walked up to him and he did not notice me, he had zero situational awareness, it was laughable, anyone with bad intentions could of had him. Anyway he fell for my necessary false respect and humility and I was able to advise him of the problem. He had a female deputy in the car that was obviously on to him showing off for her, and who was trying to be nice to me, she was embarrassed by him treating me like an enemy combatant rather than a citizen, one could tell that she was not fully indoctrinated yet. I being a respectable business man did not say what I wanted to which would of been don’t worry I am not going to hurt you even though you did not see me walk up to you. They are just like the rest of the militarized L.E.’s in the country, they seek to control people not enforce laws. Pick and choose your battle with them as they are dangerous and no better than cops in any major city. Corrupt and full of themselves. Also if you are reading this, film them any chance you get, don’t worry about getting caught for filming, its more important that they learn to respect citizens by getting busted. Also a cop gives up his immunity when he is breaking the law so expose them whenever you can citizens of Crescent City and Del Norte county. Please come forward if you have been a victim of their corruption. I have avoided it up until now and have the financial means to test in court any trouble they may cause for me by bring up their thuggish and Nazi behavior. Also I am a Christian so I let this thug get away with his treatment of me because the Lord say leave room for the vengeance of God and let him punish. Bottom line is they are not immune to the disease that is effecting law enforcement around the country. Dean Wilson what will you do, honor your oath or let your thugs roll over citizens rights?

  3. Well, Dean Wilson’s still got that damn lie about me on Facebook. If i felt like it, i can have his ass served in court. Automatic win. Gary Eller, family member to Eller’s Fort Dick Market, didn’t want me to shop or enjoy WiFi at the market. He works out at the prison. He didn’t want me around. When i stood up to him, he took it upon himself to harass me. He finally made that “Anonymous” call to Dean Wilson and crew to harass me. Parole and Del Norte Sheriff Department raided my house only to find nothing. They went away, but soon, i found my mugshot along with a lie on Dean Wilson’s Facebook page. The best part is, i know about his past. He’s got his faults too, and believe me, he want to pick on me, he’ll get served in the court of law. I have the resources finally to make that happen. However, i just don’t feel like going after him right now. I’d rather see him just remove the lie and go back to going after REAL CRIMINALS. Not one time offenders.

    Sad truth is now the Triplicate has a restraining order against me. It wasn’t even in the restraining order what i supposedly did. Yet they had the nerve to publish a story about Dean Wilsons’ facebook page regarding me and others.

    Soon, i will enjoy seeing all this go to hell while i figure out what to do with the next chapter of my life.

  4. You can’t trust Wilson!! I have had dealings with the man and he does what he wants. The department is only as good as the person that runs it and he covers up corruption with in his department. I do not understand why the voters kept him in office when they had a chance to replace him with new clean bolld.

  5. just saying I and my daughter told wilson of garcia’s corrupt behavior 2 years befor his arrest… we had a letter from a lady whom had a difficult time getting her deceased husbands wedding ring afr=ter garcia took it from his body at sutter coast hospital,, a nurse witness this act and told the lady who took it .. we took the letter to wilson and he said she got the ring back???? I have more this is too much,,, time for a change

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