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By Linda Sutter – March 2, 2021

This is good news for those of us who worked and paid Social Security taxes, then ended our career with a state, county, or city job. The States took most of your Social Security based upon an earned pension. In my eyes this was highly unfair.

Social Security Fairness Act of 2021

This bill repeals provisions that reduce Social Security benefits for individuals who receive other benefits, such as a pension from a state or local government. The bill eliminates the government pension offset, which in various instances reduces Social Security survivors’ benefits for spouses, widows, and widowers who also receive government pensions of their own.

The bill also eliminates the windfall elimination provision, which in some instances reduces Social Security benefits for individuals who also receive a pension or disability benefit from an employer that did not withhold Social Security taxes.

These changes are effective for benefits payable after December 2021.

It would be nice if our government paid us back the years we were screwed out of our Social Security benefits.

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