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Habitat for Humanity 

Since Feburary 2013, there is a new gig in Brookings Harbor area off of Ocean View Road and within the confines of Triple AAA Storage. It is the Habitat for Humanity garage sale store. The back bone of this project is from left to right, Joel, Carol, Pam and Lois.

They have a new housing repair program called, A BRUSH WITH KINDNESS (ABWK).  This program is aimed at providing painting, landscaping, minor exterior repairs, clean-up, and some roof repairs or limited weatherization. They put endless hours as volunteers into this store and the rewards they receive are watching the happiness they bring to their customers for selling them something that would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars.

This is definitely a gem in the rough as it carries a variety of building materials at a fraction of the cost. They currently have cast iron 5 foot tubs, windows, window treatments, doors, nails galore, plumbing materials, roofing materials, toilets, ceramic tile, laminate flooring, a variety of light fixtures, some chairs, and other items to numerous to mention. On occasion they receive generous donations from the Home Depot.

In the past Home Depot would literally throw all their discontinued products in the land fill because it was their store policy and because there was no Habitat for Humanity.  What a waste of product and landfill space especially when they donate granite sinks, kitchen cabinets and other such items to this new store.

The money they receive from their sale items go to help people who are in need of help. The biggest project they have completed since opening was residing a mobile home and weatherizing it. They also helped a woman in the Brookings area who had had a leak under her kitchen sink for five years and who could not afford a plumber. The total price of that job was a mere $2. 38 to repair the sink.

The Habitat for Humanity also accepts donations from the public.  If you are updating a kitchen, bathroom, or residing a house and have any type of material left over, please don’t throw it away.

Call the Habitat for Humanity store and they will pick it up from you, free of charge. They also deliver for a minimal charge to cover gasoline.  If you live in Crescent City that charge is $15.00.  If you live in Brookings, that charge is $10.00.

You can reach the Habitat for Humanity store at  541-412-7166.  Their work hours are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:00 a.m.- 4 p.m.


  1. this is a great facility, unfortunately, the chair person of this establishment is not easy to get along with. Her name is pam. She does not appreciate the volunteers that she has and fires people from volunteering on a regular basis.

  2. So good old Home Depot finally decided to care about someone else, not their total income. Wonder just how much in dollars they threw away when they could have been helping Del Norte low income people take care of their homes??

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