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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – February 20, 2022

More hot air from Governor Newsom and the California legislature in the
form of a slew of “new” bills to “eradicate gun violence.” Couldn’t ask
for a more simple minded crew who likely couldn’t tell the difference
between a military assault rifle and a BB gun.  Newsom is promising an
“offensive” with new gun measures added to the already extensive list of
gun related laws to protect against gun violence.  Likely because he is
white, protected, and rich, he is unaware of the problems his crazed
approach to guns has been in California.  No mention of the explosion of
crime on his watch, nor efforts to hinder law enforcement, only the
hysteria of guns being the “problem”.

The current targets are gun manufacturers and the shielding they have
from when individuals who cause harm or death to others. While it is
difficult to understand just how products that do not have any defects
become the responsibility of the manufacturer and not those that misuse
the product, but in Newsom’s world that has to be the case.  Now private
citizens will be allowed if AB 1594 were to pass, to sue gun
manufacturers, importers, distributors and sellers into the State, not
because their product malfunctioned, but because someone used the
product illegally. Some kind of convoluted thinking on their part. 
Because California leadership is in such a vacuum of ideas, they have
attempted to model the law after Texas’s new abortion law.  Good luck
with that one Hair Gel.

In constant reference to “safety” from gun violence Hair Gel stands at a
podium with his confederates lined up beside him all maskless offering
assurances that he has Californian’s back when it comes to “guns”. 
Dazzling his audience with words of wisdom about “keeping communities
safe from gun violence”, he plows forward in his brainlessness  with AB
2571 which targets certain guns to be banned from the hands of minors. 
Then caps his nonsense off with AB 1621 which makes “ghost guns” illegal
without proper serial numbers.  One wonders just how many of the “new”
regulations will stand the test of the courts.

Much of the remaining portion of Hair Gel’s gun safety announcement is
simply a way for him to hear himself talk.  The remainder of it is self
congratulative drivel meant to play on the heart strings of perfectly
health progressive Democrats and earn bonus points towards his flagging
efforts to remain afloat in the approval ratings game.  He fails
miserably in his policies towards criminal activity and rising crime,
perhaps more important than focusing on “getting no where with pointless
gun regulation.”  One wonders so often now, just who is driving
California’s leadership bus.  With all the current “gun laws” on the
books in California, it makes little sense to dwell on further
legislation, but that is precisely what Newsom and California’s
legislators are obsessed with.  BB rifle legislation next perhaps….

4 thoughts on “Hair Gel On Gun Control”
  1. I may be mistaken and forgive me, but I believe the ghost guns or a kit ,like a model car kit model airplane and that’s how they’re getting away with it, I have to be honest with you I don’t like them, it’s not right don’t worry Calif, is going to do something about it. I know what it’s like to lose a loved one to murder, the Mojave Desert is waiting for you.

  2. Think about the words you have the right to bear arms is it a baseball bat a knife a 3ft piece of pipe think about it a gun has never killed anybody but the dumb SOB behind the gun did now I see that there was a lawsuit against a firearm company then why don’t we put lawsuits against people killing people with cars come on we’re all out of control we want somebody to pay for somebody’s mistake oh you made that in somebody you could be killed with a kitchen knife we as human beings I’ve become so stupid that we’re stupid

  3. Unfortunately, California government is aware of 3D printing, and I believe the “ghost gun” law to be voted on requires some sort of identifiable number in order to be legal.

  4. Too bad hair gel doesn’t know about 3D printing ! ( which makes all gun laws overcome by events): Maybe if he read the articles on Electro Monkey published here he’d get a clue ?

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