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Credit to 301st Fighter Wing – Picture Credit to Senior Airman Keith James

By Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall / Published September 18, 2021


To our Airmen, civilian employees, and your families,

It is an honor to serve with you on the commemoration of the United States Air Force’s 74th birthday!  Our rich history lends itself to recognizing this is a celebration of outstanding determination, heroics, and innovation.  We honor the brave and dedicated Airmen who led the formation of our Air Force and the outstanding women and men who continue to build on their remarkable legacy. 

From the first missions of the signal corps to the current support to Afghan evacuees through Operation ALLIES WELCOME, you continue to show focus and compassion in every mission we ask you to execute.  Your selfless work and professionalism are cornerstones of the Air Force’s success. 

As we celebrate, we keep the Airmen deployed away from their families and loved ones in the forefront of our thoughts.  Our Airmen serve around the globe, always ready to deter—and if necessary, defeat—America’s enemies.  We are proud to serve alongside you and look forward to working as one team to execute the Air Force’s missions.

Fly, fight, and win . . . airpower anytime, anywhere!

Frank Kendall                                                                      Gina Ortiz Jones

Secretary of the Air Force                                                   Under Secretary of the Air Force

Charles Q. Brown, Jr.                                                          JoAnne S. Bass                         

General, U.S. Air Force                                                       Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force

Chief of Staff

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