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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – April 8, 2022

The Crescent City Harbor District voted to approve two ground leases allowing Renewable Energy Capital to develop Bayside RV Park and Redwood Harbor Village, respectively. Both votes were 5-0.

These two projects are not just about the 90 tenants who may face eviction as Commissioners attempt to put more than just a new face on the Harbor. These efforts involve financial and for all practical purposes, real challenges for all Del Norte County.

In self-serving defense on both projects, Commissioner Brian Stone crowed about how his efforts have turned around the red ink the Harbor has spewed for many years. While he was patting himself on the back. He neglected to mention The Harbor receives 20% of the County Transient Tax which benefits the Harbor about $100,000 per annum.

As for the lease, REC principal Alex Lemus now controls the future of the two Parks. Harbormaster Tim Petrick displayed his ignorance of the lease process by stating, ” The Harbor still controls the properties.” Not true, Mr. Petrick. Mr. Lemus controls the RV parks in the Harbor.

One Commissioner addressed tenants at Friday’s meeting advisng them to seek legal redress if they felt they were not receiving a fair deal for possible relocation. I doubt any tenant would or could reach very deep into their pockets and pay the legal fees associated with protecting their tenant rights. I spoke my piece which apparently fell on deaf ears.

Remaining in my memory, I am left with Alex Lemus’ promise to “do the right thing.” He continued, “Trust me.” Hmmm!

One should trust actions, not words.

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