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By Linda Sutter – August 8, 2022

The Harbor Commission needs to be replaced in its entirety . What have they completed in the last 4 years? I will tell you. Nothing.

Not one project has been completed with this substandard running harbor.


My observation is the mere fact none of the commissioners conduct any research or due diligence whatsoever, thereby creating such a devastating state of affairs for the Harbor.

Just last month the Harbor Commissioners all voted to reserve $5,000.00 for the Tri-Agency that dissolved in 2018. However, unbeknownst to any of them, they were not aware the Tri-Agency had dissolved because none of them, not one even bothered to look into the issue. In fact Gerhard Weber stated he didn’t know how the harbor benefited from the Tri-Agency, but he voted for it. That is just a small example of why the Harbor is in grave disrepair.

Earlier in 2021, the harbor made threats to residents who rented from the harbor that they would be evicted because they wanted to develop the harbor. That stopped in a hot tick as the Harbor doesn’t have the right to evict much less develop on land that is contaminated.

Let’s not forget the multi million dollar lawsuit that is getting created due to the Harbor Commissioners negligence of getting the Harbor dredged and attempting to throw out a business that the Harbor themselves created over 45 years ago through left over tsunami money from the 1964 year.

How about people getting fired for asking questions regarding where the money is going? Why are there checks laying around not getting cashed?

Why is Alex Lemus the “developer” allowed to breach the very contract he himself signed and the Commissioners are allowing it?

Folks enough is enough and it is time to bring someone who is going to shake things up, get to the bottom of corrupt practices, get the harbor into a working harbor for our commercial fisherman, and bring the harbor back to a viable safe district.

That is why I am running for Harbor Commission.I am dedicated, loyal, committed, and transparent, something these current commissioners are lacking.

3 thoughts on “HARBOR COMMISSION”
  1. Linda will be a great Harbor Commissioner. However, she would make an even better County Supervisor, State Representative, US Congressional Representative or Senator.

  2. Linda, you are a bulldog. If you get elected, hoping you don’t get stressed out dealing with the other sitting members.
    Best of luck to you.

    1. I have ways of shedding the light on issues. Remember knowledge is power, and right now there isn’t much power at the harbor.

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