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By Linda Sutter – December 3, 2021

The harbor commission will be deciding on Tuesday, December 7th, whether or not to raise the rent on Boat slips. This could cause the harbor more hardship than it is worth. Currently, the Crescent City Harbor charges twice the amount for boats to rent a slip than what is charged in Brookings Oregon. This would increase the rent by triple the amount.

The Harbor commissioners really need to reconsider raising the rent on boat slips as this is not LA nor the Bay area. An increase in rent will result in a ghost harbor.

Secondly, although the sport fishermen are getting all the crab they want, that isn’t so for the commercial fishermen. The way to tell depends on how many tractor-trailer trucks are in the harbor retrieving the crab from the boats. if there are 12 tractor-trailers that tells people there are plenty of crabs and it is a good season, however, there have only been 5 tractor-trailer trucks at any one time.

2 thoughts on “HARBOR NEWS”
  1. Not surprising . There are a bunch of greedy bastards running our harbor ! About time for the people to take a stand and get read of them !! This Good Old Boy club that runs this city needs to go !!

  2. The Harbor Commission has nothing to worry about. If their slip fee increase fails, then they can always put another tax measure on the ballot in order to get additional public mooch money. They are all spoiled bums, and we need to assure that receive NO TAX MONEY. Ignorance and stupidity at the Harbor will continue as long as there are no consequences to irresponsible Council decisions. This entire town has been looted by a cartel of engineers and their white collar crime group of local contractors. The Harbor would be in good shape if they had not invested in their beautiful but very very very expensive renovation after the Tsunami. The City of Crescent City would be in good shape if not for their expensive white elephant “state of the art” Sewage Water Treatment plant boondoggle. All of our tax money ends up in the pockets of a small group of fat and wealthy Good-Ole-Boys, while our local government could not even properly finance basic emergency services and fire protection without additional taxes.

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